Haute Secrets: Reem Salman, Founder of Luxury Handbag Line, Belquis

Reem Salman

Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Reem Salman gained accolades and a spot on the Dean’s Honors List when she received her MBA from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Following her success as a lawyer, Reem set her sights on establishing and creating her own line of luxury handbags after she found inspiration in Italy.

From her love of Italy’s impeccable leather and her vision and ingenuity in design, Reem founded Belquis in 2014, and is already building quite the reputation for luxury handbags and clutches guaranteed to get a woman noticed.

 Reem Salman Belquis
The brainchild of creator and designer Reem Salman, Belquis represents practicality, exclusivity and style. Belquis collections are dedicated to the sophisticated and confident woman who dares to stand out and mark her own path.

Belquis is known for its impeccable high-quality leather, structured designs and flawless attention to detail. Covering a range of styles, shapes and textures, Belquis’ versatile handbags and clutches are perfect for any wardrobe, both fashionably and functionally.

As a mother, designer, an entrepreneur and a firm believer that accessories complete the outfit, Reem Salman has been redefining the new modern contemporary woman aesthetic, one handbag at a time.

Reem currently resides between Doha and Dubai and sat down with Haute Living’s Dr. Nasrine Abushakra to discuss all that she loves about Dubai.

Reem Salman
Reem Salman, mother, designer, entrepreneur, founder of Belquis.

Where were you born?
I was born in Amman, Jordan.

How long have you lived in your region?
I lived in the Middle East almost all of my life except for couple of years in Melbourne, Australia.

I currently live in the Pearl neighborhood of Doha, Qatar.

Managing Director and Designer of Belquis, Regional Counsel of an international company, happy mother and wife.

Favorite Restaurant:
My favorite restaurant in Doha is Spice Market in the W hotel. The best of South-East Asian food is found here. In Dubai, Zuma is my all-time favorite.

Best Sushi:
Not a big fan!

Best Italian:
Il Teatro at Four Seasons Doha; our choice for special occasions!

Best Dessert:
Halawet Il Jeben – a famous Syrian dessert. Doha’s Mamig restaurant has the best to offer.

Best place for a romantic date:
Camping on the pristine beaches of southern Doha.

Best Sunday Brunch:
Nusantao, Four Seasons Hotel Doha offering the best Asian fusion restaurant.

Best place for a power business meeting:
I prefer an office or conference room for an efficient and powerful meeting. I have lots of meeting over coffee too, especially at W Café in the W Hotel.

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?
I would recommend the Four Seasons hotel. I previously stayed at the hotel for three months and the service is absolutely fantastic.

Favorite shopping venue/boutique:
I prefer shopping while I travel. I especially enjoy shopping in the streets of Florence when I’m in Italy for business. In the region, nothing beats Dubai Mall as it has everything you need, all under one roof.

Best Spa:
Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa, Doha

Favorite Cultural Event:
Galleries Night by Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Favorite Cultural Institution:
The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, Dubai

Best Steakhouse:
Although it is not a steakhouse, I love steaks from Toro Toro (which offers Pan Latin cuisine).

Best Pizza:
Lo Spaghetto serves the best pizzad in Doha. You will find authentic Italian food made by great Italian chefs.

Best Gym/Athletic Facility:
Aspire Zone is a great place that not everybody knows about; it has the best facilities and all sorts of classes.

Describe your city in three words:
Doha is cozy, relaxed and family-oriented.

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
Petra and the Dead Sea in Jordan are a must-visit.

All-around favorite spot in in your town:
Since I enjoy outdoor activities, The Pearl-Qatar and The Corniche in Doha are my favorite spots.

Best Aspect of your town/city/region:
Diversity is the best aspect of Doha. The region is one of the most diversified in the world. You get to meet people from different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures – it is a great place to be.