Haute Ambassador Adrienne Bosh on Hosting a Bohemian-Inspired Brunch

adrienne bosh - haute living
Photo by April Belle

There are many reasons to tip our tiaras to Jane Birkin (hello Hermes Birkin bag), but the supermodel and socialite is most recognized for single handedly coining bohemian chic as an effortless, always on trend style.

Faithful, flower-child followers including Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss have kept boho-chic en vogue and designers have frequently lined their runways with ephemeral layered looks.

The boho style is all about a dreamy, gypsy lifestyle where trinkets are gathered from travels around the globe. Collect your most valuable treasures and close friends and add a whimsical bohemian flair to your next brunch with these four easy steps:

1. Guest List and Invitations: Boho chic is about a compilation of quirky finds over a course of a lifetime. Invite your gal pals over for a no-fuss festive feast. Create invitations using natural, elements such as hand carved wood and pressed flower petals and encourage guests to channel their inner earth mothers with light and airy ensembles.

adrienne bosh - haute living
photo by April Belle

2. Décor: Think unique and exotic fabrics, mismatched, plates and glasses, an abundance of greenery, and artisanal, one-of-a-kind collectibles layered among vintage pieces and antique silverware. Start with a neutral pallet for table cloths and continue to add pops of color and texture with exotic throws, pillows, candles of all sizes and wild flowers from your garden tucked into Mason jar vases. Anchor your tablescape with a Buddha centerpiece and encourage guests to sprinkle offerings as playful accents. Spray napkins with patchouli oil and light incense for a multi-sensory experience. Tents are not just for kids; designate a portion of space to pitch a tipi for more intimate conversations or impromptu meditation.

3. Food: Keeping with the theme, keep the menu fresh, light and customizable. Hand
squeeze oranges for all-natural mimosas and decorate salads with bursts of cranberries and pumpkin seeds for color and vibrancy. Invite guests to bring fresh herbs and spices from
their gardens for garnishes. Stick to the classics such as Belgian waffles, yogurt parfaits and mini quiches complimented by artisanal cubed cheeses, cured meats, flaky breads and pastries. Serve buffet style, so guests can build their own unique tasting menus. Evoke the 1970s by firing up a fondue or invite friends to bring their favorite covered dish to share.

adrienne bosh - haute living
photo by April Belle

4. Entertainment: Whenever I am getting the girls together, I love to incorporate an engaging element of surprise. Cut seasonal flowers to create a custom floral crown station where guests can have an extra special accessory keepsake. Host a dream catcher demo and invite guests to decorate with stems, twine, feathers and beads. Choose music that is easy listening but incorporates sounds from around the world or place instruments around the room and encourage guests to engage in an impromptu jam session.

Above all, a modern boho brunch should center on all of the curated keepsakes and people you love the most…