Chocolate & Courvoisier Cognac Pairing at Chocolat Moderne

If you are like us, eating chocolate is pretty much the highlight of your day, and you would never pass on a good cocktail. As the chocolate aficionados that we know you are, you must know about Chocolat Moderne‘s award-winning creations, and because of course you love liquor, we know you’ve certainly tasted Courvoisier on some haute night. If for some reason you have not, start now! They are life changing.

Chocolaetes and Courvoisier

This past Thursday, February 4th at the chicest little chocolate factory and showroom, Chocolat Moderne and Courvoisier Cognac hosted the most exquisite tasting to celebrate love – plus good food and drinks. The intimate gathering included a presentation from both companies’ brand ambassadors as well as endless hors d’oeuvres, cheeses and signature drinks, followed by the pairing.

Bon Bons Assorted
Courvoisier Brand Ambassador, Zahra Bates and Chocolat Moderne founder and head chocolatier, Joan Coukos, in the spirit of the much-talked-about V-Day, hosted this delightful and very exclusive Cognac/Cocktail & Chocolate tasting highlighting the classic French mash-up of these two goodies. The evening was casual yet refined and included plenty of fine and very rare cognac. There was of course handcrafted “couture” chocolate in every flavor imaginable and decorated in the most artful ways – an assorted box of which was offered to the guests upon their departure. Yes, we ate it all.

tasting 3

Not only were guest served three different samples of high-end cognac, neat, to pair with the chocolate, there were also two cognac cocktails by Zahra: Afternoon in France, a grapefruit-infused drink which was given to guests upon their arrival, and Toast for Two, a cold-brew coffee and cognac mix, garnished with coffee beans. As you can imagine, both the citrus and the coffee concoctions paired perfectly with the luxury chocolate.

Be sure to try Chocolat Moderne’s delicious gourmet creations which include everything from Champagne Chic chocolate gift boxes to olive-infused dark chocolate and banana-filled milk chocolate. Hand-decorated in a variety of edible paints and molded into different shapes, every chocolate is a masterpiece so beautiful you almost don’t feel right eating it – but you do it anyway.