7 Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

Everyone knows working out is not the biggest priority while traveling, and if it is, you’re amazing tell us your secrets. We’ve listed here a few haute tips to keep your healthy bod in shape, even while in margarita paradise.

Pack Healthy Snacks

shutterstock_310516145When you’re on vacation, the easiest thing to get is fast food or really anything you can find, which is why we suggest planning ahead and packing a few healthy snacks to keep your hunger at ease until you can find a good balanced meal. Oranges, almonds, carrots and apples work well to quell the hangrys.

Bring Your Workout Clothes

shutterstock_220991893This may seem like unnecessary advice but as soon as you give up space in your suitcase for your running sneakers, you’re already one step ahead. Get it in your mind that you are going to work out and most likely, you will do just that.

Take an Early Jog and Explore The City

shutterstock_112165757Everyone likes to sleep in during vacation, but you’ve got some jogging to do! While everyone is still asleep, take a long jog in the city and explore around a bit. Maybe you’ll find a good coffee spot or gift shop to go to later. Trust us, by the time everyone is out of bed and ready, you’ll already be feeling fresh, energetic and ready for a new day.

Bring a Workout Plan You Can do Anywhere

shutterstock_272645801Hotel rooms are often spacious and most hotels have at least some sort of gym, but even if not, there are many simple and efficient exercises you can do with no equipment at all. We suggest squats, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, tricep dips (on a chair or bathtub) and 60-second planks. Do this every morning for thirty minutes in your hotel room and your hot bod will stay in shape all vacation long.

Drink Plenty of Water (With Each Margarita)

shutterstock_239216878You will probably be drinking more than usual, and no judgement, but we suggest a glass of water with every margarita. Not only is it important to stay hydrated so that you don’t get a terrible hangover, but also because you’ll be spending tons of energy when you’re out and about in full tourist-mode, so you need to be awake and feeling your best!

Cut Down on the Ubers

shutterstock_224435719It’s no fun seeing a city for the first time from the inside of a car! Delete that Uber app for the time being and walk! It’s exciting, it keeps you in shape and it gives you way more photo opportunities and snap chat moments, so we’re really helping you out here.

Go Sightseeing on a Bike or Rollerblades 

shutterstock_131783492It’s the new way to see the sites, FYI. Does anyone really enjoy tourbuses? We sure don’t, so grab a bike and sign you and your friends up for a day of athletic and super-fun touristing – your legs will thank you.