5 Serums You Need In Your Life Right Now

Why serums? Because the best serums are packed with ingredients that you just can’t find in a lotion or cream. Serums are a concentrated blast of nutrients and antioxidants to the skin, and as you age, that become all important.

We here at Haute Living have been testing serums for the past couple of months, and we are ready to present our curated list to you.

Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 Level 3 DNA Repair Serum ($130)
Catalyst AC-11 Sparkle

Don’t let the dark hue of this elixir fool you, this formula will give you clearer and younger looking skin in 90 days. AC-II features amino acids and vitamin C to increase collagen production. As a result, wrinkles appear less severe and the overall elasticity and tone of your complexion is improved. Osmosis also works on increasing cell turnover, not with harsh exfoliators, but by feeding the outer layer of skin with liposome-delivered stem cell growth factors and DNA repair strategies. Sounds fancy, but what is means is that the serum will work to resurface your complexion without sanding it away.

G.M. Collin Vasco-Tonic Concentrate ($55)

Soothing and calming, this is the serum is what you need if your skin tends towards ruddy blotchiness. This concentrated tonic works to tone and soothe sensitive skin, while progressively reducing the intensity of redness and improving capillary strength and permeability. Use this as a localized treatment to target problem areas of the face only.

Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum ($98)

Infused with a blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and antioxidants, this elixir effectively calms inflammation, protects the skin against cell stress, boosts microcirculation and elasticity and creates the perfect base for makeup. The argan oil works to increase firmness, while actively working to protect the skin from further aging. Caffeine reduces inflammation and increases microcirculation of the blood to the skin to visibly smooth surfaces. It also protects against UVB and slows down the photoaging process.

Clarity RX Daily Dose of Water ($66)

Heated rooms in winter, long flights…these things can dehydrate your skin, leaving it dull and flaky. This lightweight serum contains hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. By binding moisture to your skin, your complexion feels suppler and appears younger and radiant.

Renee Rouleau Skin Drink ($40)

Oilier skin can get dry too. If this is happening to you, turn to Skin Drink, which is a specialty serum to plump thirsty skin with oil-free, water-based hydration. Hyaluronic acid once again makes an appearance here, which allows this serum to absorb many times its weight in water, so you get all that moisture directly into your skin with no excess oil.

Jeffery James Deeply Hydrating Serum ($47)

Chock full of anti-oxidant to help for existing sun damage, this serum was a hit with those on our team with combination skin. When applied, users felt a lifting/matte effect that helped with uniform make up application. This elixir also helps regulate oil production, minimized pores and gives skin a clean, hydrated look.