5 Haute Color Correcting Concealers to Update Your Beauty Regimen

Confused as to why you are seeing concealers that are now nearly every color of the rainbow? You’re not alone. The old fashioned method of putting a small amount of pink lipstick or blush under the eye to reduce the appearance of dark circles, a trick of the trade passed down to you by your mother and your mother’s mother, just got a major update! Color correcting virtually cancels out your dark circles, red spots and skin discolorations by using another color to neutralize the problem area. Now if you feel like this sounds like a make-up catastrophe waiting to happen, the concept is fairly simple. Remember the primary and secondary colors you learned in kindergarten? Well, those colors fall on a color wheel. Find your problem area, for example red spots or acne and directly across from the color red on a color wheel is the color green. When applied to the blemish, a green concealer will cancel out the red shades on your skin.

Color Correcting Concealer Wheel

By applying and blending before foundation, a pink to red toned concealer will even out blue/green toned under-eye circles, a purple concealer will erase yellow undertones while a yellow concealer will cover purple to blue-ish under eye circles on olive skin tones. Just be sure to pay attention to the shades of your correctors. Pastel colors will benefit those with a more fair skin tone while deeper shades will work better for those with darker skin tones. Here are five haute color correctors for you make up fanatics out there.