5 Accessories That That Will Take You From Winter To Spring

With the snow coming and going and nothing but Spring in our minds, we sometimes need a bit of wardrobe creativity to deal with the ever-changing New York weather. The clothes you wear each day reflects both your mood and the environment around you, which is why it is so hard to shop for outfits between seasons. Thankfully, accessories are a whole new deal, and there are hundreds of luxury designer brands that carry fine accessories that are made to be timeless, so you can wear them wherever, whenever. Out top timeless designers were Cuyana, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. All classics but with a twist of their own unique styles, these brands know what they’re doing when it comes to Winter/Spring accessories.

Starting off with a leather bag in nude by Cuyana and followed by a chic party bootie by Calvin Klein, our top picks are for every kind of girl in every kind of weather – but being based in New York and all, we think they would be ideal for the city life. Of course you already know these brands, but have you seen their Spring 2016 collections? Check them out now and shop for these haute accessories.