Miami’s New Well-Shaded Hidden Gem: True Vintage


true vintage

Washington Avenue has a new hidden gem – Miami’s premier vintage sunglass shop: True Vintage. It is a collector’s dream, providing a unique shopping experience with never before worn, one of a kind ‘old stock’ vintage eyewear.  The store features luxury frames of the 70s, 80s and early 90s, all constructed before the age of ‘Made in China’ stickers we often see today.  Instead, eyewear was artfully crafted all over the world in places like Germany, Austria, Japan, France and Italy. This era is known as the golden age for sunglasses, with a supreme attention to detail, design, fashion, & overall quality that no longer exists today.

true vintage 2

True Vintage is the first to provide haute Miamians the opportunity to browse through this ‘dead stock’ and bring home a piece of history that can be worn as everyday eyewear. With the strong relationships they’ve developed with some of the worlds’ leading vintage eyewear dealers over the past year, they are able to update their gallery-esque displays constantly with new exclusive pieces. Many of the designs have been featured in movies and even on celebrities like Lady Gaga.

true vintage 3

Customers can expect to find a wide array of well-known designers ranging from the ultra-luxe Chanel, Cartier, YSL, and Gucci, to the sportier Bugatti, Porsche, and Boeing brands. There is also an assortment of brands only a true sunglass enthusiast would know, like Hampel, Killy and Alpina.  There is a pair of perfect frames for just about everyone that walks through the doors. Prices range from average to more high end, depending on the rarity of the frame.

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Tucked away in a not-so-busy sector of Washington Ave., True Vintage exudes a sense of mysterious exclusivity – much like that of the eyewear stock itself. The store remains incognito, but the rare luxury frames are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. True Vintage is located at 811 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.