That Birkin Bag May Be More Obtainable Than You Think: Privé Porter

Prive Porter Aspen pop-up
Privé Porter Aspen pop-up

Some may argue that the difficulty in getting your hands on an iconic Hermés Birkin bag is what makes a Birkin… well, a Birkin. But that’s where they’re wrong. The craftsmanship and quality that comes with a Birkin is truly what makes these handbags so special. These timeless works of art were nearly impossible to obtain – that is, until PRIVÉ PORTER.

PRIVÉ PORTER is the world’s largest and most reliable source for brand new Hermés handbags and accessories, and they have a large selection of the company’s best seller: the Birkin bag. No matter your willingness (or budget) to spend, you cannot just simply waltz into an Hermés store and demand a Birkin. Customers are often placed on a waiting list and spend up to 2 years patiently waiting for that call-back.

PRIVÉ, however, has formed a solid bridge between eager women and collectors and their once just-out-of-reach beloved Birkin bags. With a long history in luxury retail, and access to top of the line inventory, Jeff Berk and his wife saw an opportunity in the classic phenomena of supply-and-demand, and in 2008, PRIVÉ was born.


PRIVÉ is the fastest growing retailer in luxury handbags, utilizing Instagram and eBay to reach customers in over 50 countries. The Instagram is flawlessly maintained, with 75k+ followers ogling over their feed. What separates PRIVÉ from other luxury handbag dealers is its ability to create ‘immediacy’ for both the buyer and the seller. No longer do buyers have to spend months bidding on a bag, but more importantly, sellers don’t have to spend months waiting to see what their bag was sold for – they are paid by PRIVÉ up front. PRIVÉ has turned the exhausting process that once took months and even years, into a painless, modern, ultra-luxe experience.

The company is keen on understanding demand, and has begun delving into developing actual retail stores and pop-up shops. The company recognizes the ‘need to open actual stores for the rest of the world [who] do not use Instagram, or cannot buy without touching, feeling, sniffing the bag in person.’


PRIVÉ kicked off this latest facet to their company this past summer, with a pop-up shop in the ever-glamorous Aspen, Colorado. The store featured over $2 million of store-fresh Hermés Birkin bags ranging from $1,200 to $175,000, along with other luxury handbags and accessories. The pop-up was a hit, and perhaps their most notable customer was media star Kris Jenner. Not only did Kris leave with two baby Birkin bags (and ooze with excitement about it on her Instagram), but she also had PRIVÉ sell one of her Birkins that she had only worn a handful of times because it simply was “not her color!” The 35cm red Birkin bag sold for $15,200.

Haute Living was lucky enough to be on-board for PRIVÉ’s next big showcase at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Crowds of onlookers gathered and gawked as a stunning gallery of over $2 million in Birkin bags floated aboard an already show stopping 55 Van Dutch yacht.

Van Dutch Privé Porter Boat Show pop-up

The Hamptons is the locale for their Summer 2016 pop-up, and we cannot wait to see what they come up with. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, full-time PRIVÉ stores are also slated to open this year in both Miami Beach and Beverly Hills. With locations in Aspen, UAE, and the Cayman Islands set to open their doors in 2017.