Boutique Condominiums: Redefining Miami Beach Luxury Living

Beach House 8

Sky-scraping penthouses are no longer the epitome of luxury for Miami’s elite. Instead, make way for the new drive in Miami Beach development and the reinvention of luxury: boutique condominiums. This more recent trend in Miami Beach real estate and development comes as a result of height restrictions implemented in the late 1990s. With limitations as low as 75 feet in certain areas, developers were forced to create more moderately sized, unique buildings. By combining this exclusivity with some of the world’s best architecture, art, and amenities, developers were able to create a niche in the housing market of the super-elite of Miami. Only a handful of units are available in these condominiums, and each individual space is priced as high as a mansion.

Faena House is an 18-story tower on Collins Avenue and one of the first of its kind. Alan Faena and world-renowned architects Foster+Partners perfectly combine indoor and outdoor living in this ingeniously designed structure. Units are available with one to five bedrooms impeccably decorated and fully furnished. Foster+Partners also joined forces with Molteni Dada for custom kitchen designs, and Permasteelisa for custom bathrooms. But perhaps the most notable aspect of Faena House is the record-breaking purchase of its penthouse for $60 million – making it the most expensive single family home ever sold in Miami-Dade County.

Faena House beach view.
Faena House beach view

Eighty Seven Park is the upcoming addition to North Beach by Pritzker Prize-winning Italian architect, Renzo Piano. The building strives to be “where park meets ocean,” with “an elemental approach, bringing together architecture, design and the natural landscape.” With parking completely concealed underground, more green space is available to enjoy. Eighty Seven Park will feature a private area of terraces, pools and gardens that blend seamlessly into North Shore Open Space Park; a park offering 35 acres of oceanside space quipped with winding trails and incredible greenery.

Eighty Seven Park
Eighty Seven Park

Beach House 8, an eight story, one-apartment-per-floor building designed by Arquitectonica and developers Ugo Colombo and Valerio Morabito, is a unique structure crafted with spectacular ocean views as the central focus of each unit. Bernardo FortBrescia, founding principal of Arquitectonica, describes the building as “an abstract arrangement of rectangles that are shifting – almost as if they are levitating.” The interior proves to be just as magnificent as the building itself, with artfully crafted kitchens and bathrooms by Boffi.

These groundbreaking developments in Miami Beach are redefining luxury living for Miami’s crème de la crème.