An Inside Look At The X-Files With Robbie Amell

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You are in the reboot of the anticipated X-Files on Netflix, tell us about your role on the show. How do you interact with Mulder and Scully?
It’s actually not for Netflix. It’s still going to air on Fox, like the original series. I’m not allowed to tell you much other than I play Agent Miller. I’m a new FBI agent and seek help from Agents Mulder and Scully.

How was being part of such iconic show in television? How different is the re-make from the original?
It was a very surreal experience. My first scene was with David and Gillian (Mulder and Scully). It’s not actually a remake. It picks up the same amount of time after the original ended, on-screen and off.

Do you prefer TV or movies? Where did you have a better experience? And why?
I just like working on interesting projects with good people. I don’t mind if it’s TV or Movies. The ultimate goal would be a big movie franchise, but TV is so strong right now I just want to keep working on projects that I enjoy.

Do you considered yourself a fashion savvy guy?
Nope. I have my friend/stylist Warren Alfie Baker for that.

Who are you favorite designers and brands?
Oh man. Nike? Haha
I really love All Saints.
I also wore a bad-ass Vivienne Westwood suit to The Duff premiere which will always hold a special place in my heart.

What do you usually wear? Describe your style.
Very casual. Jeans and a nice fitting t-shirt.

Do you have any “fashion obsession”? Are you a watch guy, sneaker, or a shoe guy?
I love shoes and watches but I have more jackets than anything else. I love a cool leather jacket.

Do you have any say when choosing your wardrobe in projects you are working on?
Always. If I’m not comfortable wearing it I just won’t wear it, but you also have to trust the people putting together wardrobe and costumes. It’s their job.

Who’s your style icon?
I would never refer to someone as my style icon, but when in doubt, I always prefer classic. George Clooney is a good example.

What’s next for Robbie Amell? Any cool projects coming up?
X Files, a movie I did with Kevin Spacey called Nine Lives and I just wrapped another movie called The Babysitter and I’m starting another movie in a few weeks called Arq. Hopefully something soon after that too!