5 Winter Vacation Destinations You Don’t Know About

When it comes down to it, every new year is essentially a countdown to the next vacation. For those of us who consider ourselves travel junkies, at least. And just like any other industry, the world of luxury travel has its continuous trend cycle that tends to keep things fresh…while keeping us on our toes.

We at Luxury Attaché are proud to be the nation’s premier concierge firm, so it seemed only fitting to partner with a travel service of our caliber to drive our in-house travel program. In late 2014, we launched Travel Attaché in collaboration with global travel powerhouse First in Service, a branch of Tzell Travel Group and member of Virtuoso, the world’s leading luxury travel network. Together, we curate the most uniquely extravagant itineraries and tailor each one to our clients’ tastes and preferences, so no two are exactly alike. Honeymoons in Bali, weekend getaways in Belize, off-the-grid vacations to Bhutan…we’ve just about covered it all. So where do trends come in? It’s a great starting point, of course, to know what’s hot now, what might be up-and-coming next year, and so on and so forth. To identify trends in the hospitality industry within the broader spectrum of destinations, then factor in consumer habits…there are many elements that together determine the birth of trends and ultimately where our clients (and we ourselves) are traveling. 2016 is the year of doing something new – we’re looking at a drastic number of global travelers who are shopping broader horizons than ever before. Whether it’s flying halfway across the world to Switzerland’s most beloved ski lodge or keeping it domestic with a week in Utah’s most scenic desert retreat, it’s all about adventure this year. And we’ve got to say, we’re totally on board with it. Check out our top picks for branching out in this new year of travel.