5 Apps That Make Your Millionaire Lifestyle Easier


Since the rise of technology and smart devices, the concept of app usage has literally transformed before our eyes. Apps have gone from being a novelty item to an essential part of one’s life. Today, there is an app for every facet of your life, regardless of age, race or interest.

Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, discovered U.S. smartphone users accessed 26.7 apps per month in the fourth quarter of 2014. It appears the time they spend engaging on those apps has increased. In fact, the monthly time spent per person has increased from 23 hours and two minutes in fourth-quarter 2012 to 37 hours and 28 minutes in fourth-quarter 2014—a 63 percent rise in two years. The study also found that while men’s monthly app usage was a bit higher than women (27.2 vs. 26.3 apps), female users lead the way in terms of time spent. Women spend an average of 38 hours and two minutes per month on apps while men spend 36 hours and 51 minutes per month.

In another study conducted by Forrester Research, research and advisory firm, last year, it was discovered today’s UK and US consumers spends more than 80 percent of their time on just five apps.

Let’s face it, with millions of apps saturating the market, who has time to scour through app stores to discover the apps that fits your million-dollar lifestyle. As if being a millionaire isn’t exhausting enough. Your days are filled with meetings regarding your multi-million dollar company, whether that includes reaching out to investors and customers or in a huddle with employees. No worries! That is what Haute Living is here for. We’ve scoured through hundreds of apps and rounded up our favorite five apps for you to spend 36 hours and 51 minutes on per month. Oh, and of course, it will make your millionaire lifestyle a bit easier.