So Haute It’s Cool: Brooklyn’s William Vale Hotel


The next Brooklyn is now and we felt it was the right time to bring this type of resort-inspired experience to the borough,” explained Sébastien Maingourd, General Manager of Brooklyn’s The William Vale Hotel. In an interview, and prior to the hotel opening next spring, we discussed the hotel’s backstory, the tourism sector in Brooklyn, details of the new property and much more.

Tell me a little bit about the origins of The William Vale. How did the idea for this development come about and why now?
The William Vale’s name originally was derived from the mid-1800s Brooklynite, “William Vail” whose property boundaries encircled the location of the development. The hotel changed “Vail” to “Vale” to express a visual distinctiveness from the original name. The concept behind the hotel was to have it appeal to a range of guests seeking a more refined, grown-up alternative to the neighborhood.

Over the past decade, Brooklyn has risen in prominence and continues to bring a youthful, creative spirit, elevating the area. At the William Vale, we wanted to create a new hotel experience that honors the vibrant and creative spirit of the Brooklyn community, but delivers the views, rooms, amenities and service that guests would expect from the most luxurious, spacious hotels in the world.

The next Brooklyn is now and we felt it was the right time to bring this type of resort-inspired experience to the borough. We expect a wide-range of guests, ranging from business travelers to parents to international tourists, all seeking a mature hospitality alternative as the gateway to their Brooklyn experience.

What does a luxury hotel project like this say about how mature the tourism sector is in Williamsburg and Brooklyn more broadly?
The tourism sector in Brooklyn continues to witness a strong increase, and The William Vale is a great example of developers meeting the insatiable demand from both domestic and international travelers alike. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is an area that continuously attracts an affluent audience ranging from a hip youthful crowd to young families to international jetsetters.

A project like The William Vale further validates this audience and signals the transition of Brooklyn from an aesthetic of bare brick and Edison light bulbs to sleek, modern lines and forward thinking design. The next Brooklyn is now and The William Vale is a notable milestone not only for area’s tourism scene but also for Williamsburg’s evolution.

What will be some of the defining features of this property?
One of the most defining features for us is our location.  Being in the heart of Brooklyn’s most desirable neighborhood, Williamsburg, we’re easily accessible via public transportation and we offer an atmosphere of modern prestige to enhance events for corporate conferences, bridal parties, meetings and more. There is over 20,000 square feet dedicated to event spaces. The hotel’s ballroom can accommodate 315 guests for social events and 240 guests for business meetings. Additionally, it holds two board rooms, two meeting rooms, retail space and outdoor green space, which all can also be reserved for private meetings.



Bedroom2What truly sets this hotel apart is our event space and capabilities for those looking to make their event stand out. We offer a wide variety of itineraries to our guests between both our outdoor and indoor spaces. Ranges can be from a wedding ceremony on the 23rd floor to a corporate lunch in the Vale Park. In this sense, The William Vale is one of the first of its kind in Brooklyn.

In addition, the leisure traveler will be able to be a part of the total resort-inspired experience with our personalized service, outdoor pool lounge, fitness center and dining destinations.

In terms of dining, what kind of atmosphere and cuisine will be served at the roof-top restaurant?

Although we’re still in talks to solidify our hotel’s food and beverage program, we expect to have a great diversity of offerings for our guests. Ranging from a convenient grab and go counter to fine dining, there are five different outlets to make all guests experience as memorable as possible.


When can we expect a grand opening, and when will travelers be able to book their stays in advance?

The grand opening is expected to be in the spring, and travelers can book their stays as early as December.

Rahim Kanani is the author of critically-acclaimed hotel management book and hospitality management book A Wealth of Insight: The World’s Best Luxury Hoteliers on Leadership, Management and the Future of 5-Star Hospitality.