MIA: Inside Brickell City Centre’s Illuminate the Night

The Brickell “Illuminate the Night” event on Dec. 3 entertained more than 400 guests at a party under the stars with music by DJ duo Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, known as Wooden Wisdom. All beautifully adorned by a 6-ton, 20-foot tall pop art statue by Allen Jones and the massive CLIMATE RIBBON™.

The evening began with an art and design dialogue with designer Hugh Dutton, pop artist Allen Jones, architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Swire’s art consultant Alison Pickett. They discussed topics like the marriage of art, design, function and relationships. Followed by a cocktail and dance party under the stars.

Guest also got see the first time illumination of the CLIMATE RIBBON™, a $30 million art and science installation that spans 150 square feet and connects three block of Brickell City Centre built by Swire Properties Inc. The elevated trellis in the piece were made of steel, fabric and glass, and functions as an environmental management system for future shoppers, residents, hotel guests and office tenants of the 9.1-acre site. Both Dutton and Fort-Brescia were essential in creating this piece and making its design sustainable.

'Dancers' by Allen Jones Below the CLIMATE RIBBON - CREDIT WORLD RED EYE

For the occasion Jones unveiled his pop art sculpture titled “Dancers”, an abstract sculpture that depicts an interlocked, tangoing couple. A sleek oeuvre that greeted guests at the entrance of the site with its wavelike sways and curves that complemented the wave like movement of the CLIMATE RIBBON™ directly above it. The work has been shown at the renowned Royal Academy of London as recently as 2014 during the artist’s retrospective.

Swire Properties Inc. is one of South Florida’s leading international developers of urban real estate. They actively support and celebrate art, sustainability and the community.

“Swire Properties has supported the integration of art in the public sphere for over four decades, and has sponsored Art Basel Hong Kong since its inception,” said Stephen Owens, president of Swire Properties, Inc. “As Brickell City Centre nears completion, it was an honor to have the opportunity to finally showcase the project during the world’s largest art fair in our city.”