Luxury Travel: Here’s 5 Apps For That!

Luxury travel may not be as seamless as you think. You still have to organize, pack, get yourself there…you get the point. With so much to do and so little time we could all use some help, right? Right, and fortunately for us we now have apps to get us through the tough bits. Here are five must have travel tools for the next time you take flight.


Amble App

Amble users live to discover and share. The all-encompassing app provides a platform for you to record your own personal tour with photos, audio snippets, notes and videos, leaving you with a stunning digital travel diary. Aside from curating your own travel memories, their ‘The Around Me’ feature uses GPS to help you discover new places in your location. It’s an all-in-one wonder!



If you’re travelling for business you should probably get acquainted with Marchay. This exclusive network of high-end business travelers is the perfect way to connect with like-minded globetrotters. It is a private, members-only community that requires a minimum annual travel spend to participate. Aside from meeting other world travelers, Marchay will book all of your arrangements at highly discounted private rates. You will have access to world-class hotels, first class tickets, and location based travel intelligence all at your fingertips.


Dufl App

Dufl is a premium, luxury travel service that acts as a personal valet for travelers. The highlight of this service: the app does the packing for you. Yes, you read correctly. The app can eliminate the stress and headache of packing. The concept behind the app is to eliminate the main stressors involved during traveling such as arriving at the airport hours before a flight, paying for bags, fighting for overhead compartment space, and of course spending precious minutes waiting at baggage claim.


via Zagat Facebook page
via Zagat Facebook page

When traveling somewhere entirely new it can be difficult to discover local hidden gems and truly quality spots. If you don’t have a familiar friend or local guide to point you in the right direction, rely on Zagat. Their app allows you to read reviews of over 30,000 restaurants from the best dining destinations across the globe. Search by cuisine, cost, Zagat rating, or dining features such as outdoor seating, child friendly etc. After all, half the beauty of being somewhere new is trying new food!


via Quintessentially Facebook page
via Quintessentially Facebook page

No matter where, no matter when, Quintessentially has got your back. Their private membership services are specifically tailor to your personal requirements and preferred level of assistance. Picture this; you arrive at your destination tired and jet-lagged with little energy to think of making reservations. Whether it’s a last-minute restaurant booking, theatre ticket or bespoke travel itineraries all of your needs can be accommodate in a few easy steps.