Not for Santa: 7 Scrumptious Milk and Cookies Pairings in NYC

Who says Santa gets to have all of the milk and cookies? When a batch of warm, just-baked cookies comes out of the oven, we all love to gulp them down with a cold glass of milk. Because milk and cookies aren’t just for Santa on Christmas Eve, drop by one of these New York City restaurants serving gourmet, gooey takes on the sweet pairing.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Milk

Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room
986 Second Avenue
(212) 371-2233

 Atwood Kitchen & Bar RoomPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room

These warm, chunky chocolate chip cookies, made from Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room’s chef Brad Warner’s secret family recipe, garnish a glass of homemade milk. ($8)

Cast Iron Cookie and Milk

Boulton & Watt
5 Avenue A
(646) 490-6004

Boulton & Watt_newPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Boulton & Watt

Paired with a personal pitcher of ice-cold milk, this giant, pie-like chocolate chip cookie from Boulton & Watt is baked in a cast iron skillet. And no one says you have to share it! ($9)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot

Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring Street
(212) 219-2773

DominiqueAnselPhoto Credit: Thomas Schauer

A cold shot of milk, infused with Tahitian vanilla, is served in a warm, fresh-baked cookie shot glass at the Dominique Ansel Bakery. The dessert shot is available daily beginning at 3pm. ($4.25)

Cookie Plate

Foragers Table
300 W 22nd Street
(212) 243-8888

Foragers_newPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Foragers Table

At Foragers Table, the cookie plate comes with six kinds (two of each) of cookies and treats––gingerbread, chocolate chip, chocolate marshmallow, brownies topped with caramel sauce, gluten-free macaroons, and biscotti––washed down with a cold glass of Dirty Girl Farms Goat Milk, served in a mason jar. ($9)

Sea Salt Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Milk

99 Gansevoort Street
(212) 570-3670

 UntitledPhoto Credit: Tim Schenck

A glass of milk is paired with a single triple chocolate chip cookie with sea salt from Untitled at the Whitney Museum. ($9)

Gingerbread Man and Hot Chocolate

The Rink at The Standard, High Line
848 Washington Street
(212) 645-4100

The Rink at The Standard HighlinePhoto Credit: Courtesy of The Standard

After ice skating at The Rink at The Standard, High Line, the gingerbread man, made with multigrain flour, and a toasty mug of hot chocolate, garnished with a marshmallow, are a delicious way to warm up. ($10)

‘Wake & Bake’ Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk

The Standard Grill
848 Washington Street
(212) 645-4100

The Standard GrillPhoto Credit: Courtesy of The Standard Grill

This trio of chocolate chip cookies from The Standard Grill are served fresh-baked with chilled Battenkill Valley Cream Top Milk in a milk jug. ($9)