Dig Into NYC Cabin Fashion With Roots Canada

In the spirit of the holidays, don’t you just want to migrate to the calm of the woods and leave the hectic city behind for just one week? We know you do. For your upcoming cabin retreat, your all-black all-slim city closet needs to stay behind, it’s time to shop forest-chic. But where can I find such fabulous fashion? You ask? Lucky for you (and us), our favorite cabin cozy Canadian brand has just opened up a new shop in SoHo, and they are here to stay.

In the land of maple syrup, everything is beautiful and cabin fashion is booming, thanks to Canada’s European influence and it’s forever cold weather. One of Canada’s top brands, our lovely Roots, has made some exciting partnerships this winter with top brand like that of Indigenous – a Northern California-based company with a commitment to sustainable, fair trade and environmentally-friendly fashion. Roots has also recently launched their gorgeous winter new line, filled with thick knits and seasonal patterns as well as at home knitting kits and other adorable gifts for any member of your family. Even your dog can wear head-to-toe Roots with their unbelievably cute cabin puppy sweaters!

New Yorkers know cold, but probably not as much as Canadians, and who better to keep you warm this winter than the pros? Check out their large collection of holiday specials and shop at their new and improved location on 228 Elizabeth St. in New York City’s SoHo or online at roots.com. cabin wrap rootsThe merging of Roots and Indigenous meant a small exclusive high-quality collection of un-dyed, artisan-knit sweaters and accessories. Roots x Indigenous represents the highest level of sustainable fashion and supports thousands of talented artisans, each of whom earns a fair wage and is treated with dignity and respect. Every gorgeous color is completely natural, requiring no dyes, and made from 100% superfine, natural and organic Alpaca. Any garment you choose, holds a traceability that connects you to the artisan and community that handmade it with love, making this collection ideal for the green fashionista and her entire family.cabin sweaterMary Maxim Cabin Sweater

The casual yet stylish holiday sweater you were looking for is finally here! With snowy cabin designs in a green and white, this slim winter knit will give your city outfit a fast turn into Roots fashion, in the most wonderful way. beanieChunky Cabin Toque

The classic and most beloved winter accessory of all time: the beanie. Our Canadian favorites make a modern knit in a variety of seasonal hues inspired by nature and made exclusively for your beautiful little head.

gloveWomen’s Cabin Glove

In the iconic Roots colors of red, cream with a warm gray, this glove lined with soft leather will keep you warm in any weather and even keep your hands safe when you inevitably attempt to start your own bonfire. They will go perfectly with your cabin palette and are sure to make your outfit pop with their strong red accents.

sockWomen’s Nanaimo Slipper Sock

For calm Sunday mornings when all you want to do is stay at home and relax these slipper socks are the perfect shoe/accessory. Comfortable and stylish with a classic winter pattern, they are ideal for cuddling up on the couch with a warm tea or strolling around your wooden terrace with a glass of wine and admiring the starry night.

mensCabin Shawl Cardigan

For your boy toy or hubby this is the cabin gift of the year. Casual yet elegant and comfy, this cardigan will go well with any outfit and will have your man looking handsome as ever.

water bottle 1Fair Isle Hot Water Bottle

With a beautiful and classic pattern, this knitted water bottle will keep you going on your long and cold mountain hike in the faraway woods. You know your outdoorsy boy will make you do it, so be prepared and stay hydrated! In rich cream, bright red and deep black, this knitted accessory will make you wish you had a sweater to mach.