Q&A: Ronny Kobo Explains Why Celebs Love Her Brand

Photo courtesy of Ronny Kobo
Photo courtesy of Ronny Kobo

There are plenty of reasons you should get to know Ronny Kobo. Her collections have made waves for women who seek comfortable ways to feel sexy and fun. Kobo has recently launched an e-commerce site along with a stylish new collection, TORN by Ronny Kobo With clients like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift we had to know more about this haute designer.

How did you get your start in fashion?
For as long as I could remember I have always been making something. There was never an item of clothing I purchased that I didn’t’ immediately take to the tailor to have altered, I was obsessed with getting the perfect fit for each garment. Eventually I found a seamstress and started making my own dresses and continued to experiment with fabrics. During my time at NYU, I  started a handbag line which was fun but clothing was always my first love and true passion. It’ wasn’t until I was studying for my masters that I founded TORN, which would later become the first line in the Ronny Kobo brand.

Does the brand reflect your personal style?
Yes, definitely. I usually like to be in clothes that are sexy yet still tasteful, I like to stand out and so does my girl. My work is also very personal because it’s inspired by my own travels.  I love to take in the vibes of each of the cities I travel to and create from there. The architecture, the décor, and the climate of a particular destination are usually woven in through the details of my collections. Each piece becomes a memory of a moment in my life.

Kim Kardashian in Torn By Ronny Kobo and Beyonce in Ronny Kobo Collection

What kind of woman do you envision wearing your collection?
The Ronny Kobo woman is the girl all girls can relate to. She is respected for making the effort but not being over the top.  She’s friendly and approachable, not untouchable.

Why do you think so many celebs like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are flocking to Ronny Kobo?
It’s comfortable, it really is!  Celebrities so often have to be dressed up and constantly on, which is exhausting. I think that Ronny Kobo provides clothes that are comfortable but also red carpet ready. You can wear it to an event and then straight to the airport. Even when you hop off the plane your outfit will still be in tact because our knitwear is very travel friendly. Kim Kardashian wears a lot of TORN for a day to day look paired with a strappy heel, it’s one of her signature looks and we love the way she wears our clothes. She knows what works and sticks to it.

What separates your new collection from what we have seen from Ronny Kobo in the past?
Earlier this year we officially launched, the Ronny Kobo Collection, and with this line I have been able to make a lot more ‘WOW’ pieces. It’s still true to my brand, but I’ve pumped up the volume a bit. The line is 75%
knitwear. With TORN which we also recently re-launched, I can still offer my customer what they know and love, wardrobe staples that are causal and comfortable with a bit of edge. The line is about casual basic dressing that is sexy enough for you to wear to dinner but relaxed enough that you can wear to brunch on the weekends,  and the pieces easily carry through many seasons.

In what ways will launching the e-commerce site change your brand?
First I think it will be a better way for us to connect directly with our consumer, nut most importantly I think that it will present a cohesive brand identity. The site will showcase some of my work beyond what the department stores buy.  A lot of stores buy very deeply in a few styles, but on our own site, we have a bit more creative freedom, so you will be able to find some less commercial items that may not be available in stores. For the first time ever we get to present both of our lines together!

What do you foresee in the future of Ronny Kobo?
I’m excited for what’s to come, we have recently expanded to include both Torn by Ronny Kobo and The Ronny Kobo Collection, each line speaks to a different aspect of my customer’s life and gives a bit more variety. I’m excited to expand into other categories and continue to provide my girls with more and more pieces that suit all aspects of their lifestyle. I look at Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Norma Kamali and see the future of Ronny Kobo.