NYC’s Rustic Bakery: A Haute Taste of Home

The Story Behind Rustic Bakery’s Immediate Success and Humble Beginnings.

Rustic Bakery 1

Rustic Bakery was born in 2005 from the magical hands of Carol LeValley & Josh Harris. The couple – LeValley from upstate New York and Harris from Walnut Creek – started their now-successful business purely by chance. Carol often entertained friends with her homemade sourdough flatbread cracker; simple, yet with a deliciously unique and organic flavor, this cracker quickly got attention from Cowgirl Creamery, an artisanal cheese manufacturer based in California, who soon became Rustic Bakery’s first client.

rustic bakery 2
Today, Rustic Bakery offers four variations of their iconic savory flatbread, with flavors such as Rosemary & Olive Oil and Sweet Onion & Creme Fraiche. This cracker, however, is only a taste of Rustic Bakery’s extensive menu, which offers everything from Cranberry Crostinis to Blue Cheese Walnut Coins to Homemade Granola.

rustic bakery holiday jarNothing is too sweet for this California bakery. Lucky for us, they’ve now come to New York City and hold an exclusive pastry line at none other than Dean & Deluca, where they offer a variety of holiday gift jars, festive sugar cookies and gingerbread tiles!

Get ready to stock your pantry for this upcoming holiday season with Josh and Carol’s delicious homemade goods.