5 Questions With SPECTRE Bond Girl and Belvedere Ambassador Stephanie Sigman

SPECTRE, the highly anticipated 24th Bond adventure, racked in $73m (£48.5m) during opening weekend–the second largest debut in Bond history. But that’s not the only history Mr. Bond is making; SPECTRE has teamed up with the world’s original luxury vodka, Belvedere, to form Belvedere’s largest partnership to date: a global advertising campaign revealing the intricacies of the legendary martini cocktail featuring Bond girl beauty, Stephanie Sigman.

Watch the commercial here.

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After attending an exclusive screening of the Bond adventure, Haute Living sat down with the lovely Mexican-born actress at Belvedere’s after-party at 1 Hotel South Beach.

How are you juggling your time between being both a Bond girl and a global ambassador for Belvedere?
I have great management, agents, and a lot of people on my team that do my schedule – which is crazy by the way – I was in LA last night, now I’m here and then I’m going to Toronto because I’m shooting a film there right now, and then back to shooting the second season of Narcos and then promoting SPECTRE. So yeah, it’s been crazy but it’s also fun. I feel like I need to enjoy and take advantage of this moment because all the craziness is going to be over soon. I try to enjoy it, and I try to have fun with it.

The martinis help I’m sure…
Oh, they help, they help! [Laughs] & they’re really good. It’s also easy to work with a brand like Belvedere because it’s a quality brand & it’s easy to work with people like Barbara Broccoli & Michael G. Wilson, all of the cast, and Sam Mendez, one of my favorite directors. It’s a great journey for me. 

Have you always recognized the intricacies of the martini cocktail?
I’ve been learning a lot about how to make a martini and all the variations that you can have with a few ingredients with Belvedere. We had a session in NYC where we presented the campaign & commercial & it was fun because I was like “I didn’t know you could do that with a martini!” I was putting this and that & mixing it up & its actually pretty fun and interesting how it works.

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Martinis are glamorous but also so simple because they only have a few ingredients and you can really taste the vodka. I’ve been learning so much and obviously I’m not an expert but, they are; so I get to learn from them and it’s a great brand to learn from. It’s easy when you have a quality drink, you can taste the quality in it, that’s the important part.

Is the Belvedere 007 martini truly better shaken not stirred?
I definitely prefer shaken, and I’m not just saying that.

Who’s your favorite Bond girl?
I love Léa Seydoux’s character & Monica Bellucci’s character in this film. We see these female strong independent women on-screen, and that’s something I really like about SPECTRE. Before SPECTRE I would say Halle Berry. They’re all special though, that’s why they’re Bond girls.

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Well, you’re one of them, Stephanie.

Excellent choice (once again), Mr. Bond.