Find Out How TOMS Is Saving The World One Shoe At A Time

Once known mainly for the iconic slip-on canvas shoe and One for One initiative, TOMS has grown into a brand of worldwide importance, inspiring companies and individuals around the globe to give back.

One of  TOMS’ most recent collaborations is the Big Cats Collection in partnership with National Geographic. Focused on protecting big cats from going extinct, this wild collection features a line of footwear, eyewear and backpacks inspired by National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative and featuring their photography.

Having now given back more than 45 million pairs of new shoes to children in need, TOMS’ charities have expanded, meaning that today, the brand not only gives out shoes to people in need, but also sight, water, safe birth and kindness.

toms one for one

Depending on the child’s need, TOMS offers brand new, made-to-order shoes in a variety of styles such as: the classic slip-on, winter boot, wet-weather slip-on, sports shoe and the locally produced shoe.

Every time someone purchases a pair of TOMS eyewear, a patient receives the eye treatment he or she needs, including: prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery and medical treatment.

toms coffee

Each bag of TOMS Roasting Co. coffee provides 140 liters of safe water, equal to a week’s supply, to a person in need. TOMS’ success and will to help has also led them to form a collaboration with leading coffeemaker manufacturer, Chemex, a family-owned company also focused on helping the less fortunate.

Safe Birth
With every TOMS bag purchase, materials and training are given to those in need to help provide a safe birth regardless of the circumstance.

With the sale of one of  TOMS’ StandUp Backpacks, TOMS offers Bullying Prevention Programs as well as Response Programs, both which help children who are stuck in the role of bully or victim, to get out.

toms big cats

Help save the world one shoe at a time with TOMS’s exclusive holiday collection!