5 Haute Spots To Enjoy A Gluten-Free NYC

NYC: the bustling epicenter of the international foodie community, no doubt about it. Not only do we have access to some of the world’s most iconic culinary establishments at our fingertips, but within this, a vast portion dedicated to various elements of the health-conscious demographic.

A spike in the gluten free dining movement was affirmed by the New York Times last summer, immortalized with a candid declaration that this was, in fact, much more than a trend — whether by necessity or choice, this one was here to stay. And with the long, staggering list of benefits of a wheat or gluten free diet, from increased nutrient absorption to higher energy levels and so much more, the demand from all angles saw an undeniable increase. New York specialty stores and health food shops became destinations, and grocery stores stocked their shelves with more and more celiac and intolerance-friendly products, some with preexisting presence but never so heavily sought out, and the grocery shopping culture quickly evolved. Perhaps more noticeably, the dining experienced changed as well as menus mirrored the trend more prominently than ever before. Restaurants entirely dedicated to the gluten free movement began to pop up, and even some of the most notoriously flour-heavy kitchens spun out recipes and special menus available to the gluten free crowd.

While it may not be easy (or as enjoyable) to maintain the limiting diet that the gluten free lifestyle entails, the fact that this “trend” became such a mainstay has inherently created a support system for those who live it. There’s something to be said for this, and to say that it’s been on our radar for quite some time is an understatement.

We’re honing in on the city’s top destinations in our ultimate gluten free dining handbook, highlighting the best of the best and how to enjoy them to the fullest, dietary restrictions aside. Happy indulging.