5 Haute LA Cleanses: Get Ready For The Holidays

It’s time to detox before that annual holiday retox. Every year from Thanksgiving through New Years we excuse ourselves for some guilt-free gluttony. From turkey to stuffing, to chocolates, to Santa’s cookies and more, we allow ourselves to let go a little during the holiday season. Before we get carried away with delicious treats, let’s all give ourselves just one more reason to deserve it. Here are five haute cleanses to get that much needed detox before the holidays.

Paleta Purify Cleanse

This haute cleanse is built to purify your body. In a world where we are surrounded by toxins and processed foods, Paleta provides a pure alternative. This is not one of your average juice cleanses. Paleta equips you with meals, snacks, shakes, and stress reducing affirmations all in an easy-to-follow formula. A sample menu from this seamless cleanse might include a breakfast of fruit and nuts, a lunch of blackberry pear quinoa crumble and a dinner with roasted vegetable lasagna. All sandwiched between three snack-time options, including their special Purify Plus Formula. Check out their 5-day or 10-day options to see how you can get fit for the holidays.

Juice Served Here

juice served here
Choose the cleanse that is right for you with Juice Served Here. They have three amazing options to get you a full detox before retox season. Start with their Soft Cleanse, continue with their Semi and end with our favorite, the Hard Cleanse. This includes six juices a day at $55 listed below:
01: Field of Greens
17: Green Easy
J3: Jinjå Greens
02: Sweet Greens
09: Green Milk
19: Charcoal Lemonade

The Nekter Cleanse

“The Nekter Cleanse is like you body’s vacation in a bottle.” So when you are on your actual vacation this Christmas drinking eggnog, your body won’t feel so guilty. During this cleanse you will drink one of their six 16.9oz bottles filled with necessary nutrients every two hours. Pair these purifiers with water and your system will flush out all of those harmful toxins. Their cleanse provides an actually tasty blend of 15 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only will your body reset to its natural state, you will have clearer skin and increased energy levels too.

The Detox Cleanse Package

the juice
The Juice is a five-day clean and install regimen that gives you all the tools to succeed. This cleanse provides you with a precise schedule to follow so that this detoxification is made seamless. What’s awesome about this option is that none of their juices taste the same, and all serve a different purpose. This way you won’t get bored of juicing, and your taste buds will be satisfied. Here is a sample of what a day with The Juice might look like:
8am – JUICE #5 • Apple • Beet • Beet Greens • Lemon • Ginger
Purify the blood & cleanse the liver.
10am – JUICE #6 • Green Apple • Cucumber • Kale • Romaine • Parsley • Lemon
Purifying greens and antibacterial lemon, boost the immune system and aid digestion.
Noon – JUICE #1 • Carrot • Coconut
Detox the liver, blood and intestinal tract. Balance the bodies pH with anti-oxidant beta-carotene.
2pm – JUICE #7 • Celery • Cucumber • Kale • Romaine • Parsley • Beet Greens
Eliminate toxins & enhance oxygen transport with this chlorophyll-rich concoction.
5pm – JUICE #4 • Green Apple • Lemon • Kale • Triple Ginger
Antioxidant rich, with ginger to stimulate blood circulation and intestinal health.
7pm – MILK • Almond Milk
A sweet & creamy treat packed with vitamins & minerals and protein.

Pressed Juicery

This haute spot offers three cleanses to purify your system. Each cleanse caters to a different type of cleanser. The Cleanse 1 is most suited for first time cleansers, athletes or individuals with higher caloric needs or hunger concerns. The Cleanse 2 is their most popular and balanced option. It contains their most-popular juices and is mainly used by those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their Cleanse 3 is catered to experienced cleansers and serious green juice lovers. Check out a day with their Cleanse 2 below:
1. apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, spinach
2. apple, lemon, mint, pineapple
3. apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley, romaine, spinach
4. apple, beet, ginger, lemon
5. aloe vera, coconut water, cucumber, lemon, pineapple
6. almond, dates, sea salt, vanilla bean