The Diana Lowenstein Gallery Launches Their Corporate Art Lease Service

Diana Lowenstein has reached yet another milestone in her career with the official launch of the Corporate Art Lease Services. On October 20th, top developers, designers, and art enthusiasts came together for an unforgettable, artistic night inside of Doré restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Guest began to arrive around 6:00 p.m. and were instantly transcended from the lobby to the restaurant surrounded by decorative pieces from the Diana Lowenstein Gallery. Lowenstein, which represents over thirty international artists, worked closely with the property to provide them with pieces that would add an essence of elegance and sophistication.

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach is a perfect example of what the gallery aims to achieve in their future endeavors- whether it be with video, photography, painting, drawing, sculptures or installations.

After checking in at Doré restaurant, attendees were greeted with complimentary cocktails made with Emory Vodka, and appetizing hors d’oeuvres.

Sarah Mirmelli, Associate Publisher of Haute Living Magazine, took the center floor to introduced Diana Lowenstein, which followed with a presentation about how leasing art enhances the aesthetic and cultural value of buildings and spaces. Knowing that projects have a limited budget for art, the new service will allow for world-class pieces to be leased, making it more affordable for commercial and hospitality environments. “I strongly believe that are is not a privilege of a select few, it is for everybody to enjoy. Art is a way for people to realize their dreams,” she adds.

As the informative presentation was coming to an end, two attendees from the crowd wearing headphones began to dance. The initial head bop quickly turned into a full-on dance-off and the women began to twist, turn, and shake, with disregard of those around them. The guest looked at the women confused and turned to each other for answers about what was going on.

Shortly after, four more ‘guest’ pulled out hidden sleeping bags from behind the bar and from under tables to cocoon themselves inside for a nap, while five other women from the group of guest rolled out yoga mats and began practicing their peaceful routines. Attendees were in the middle of a carefully planned flash mob art installation by artist Daniel Gonzalez. The thrilled guest gathered around taking pictures of the flash mob and the perfectly executed installation.

The event was a success and a great opportunity for art enthusiast to come together. Diana Lowenstein is delighted that the art scene in Miami has flourished again with the development of Wynwood and Art Basel events, and knows the importance of incorporating artwork into new designs.

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