How This New Temptu Device Will Give You Million-Dollar Skin

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What girl doesn’t want to look like a million bucks (totally rhetorical question, by the way)? Thanks to a slimline, handheld and—kaching! portable (re: you can travel with it!) new device from Temptu, your facial perfection fantasy can be a reality.

If you’re familiar with the Temptu airbrushing system, you’ll know that, while awesome, it took a lot of work to use. With the new Temptu Air—the first-ever portable, cordless airbrush device—you can have a flawless face in under five minutes. We’re not joking.

So how does it work? We’ll tell you! Temptu’s Atomized Airflow Technology transforms makeup into a micro-fine mist that floats onto skin, creating weightless layers of the most even, uniform, thorough coverage.

You’ll charge your portable, cordless device, shake up a pod of the patented SilkSphere foundation and spray it on in circular motions (make sure to hold the Air at least four to six inches away from your face). Easy peasy. Unsnap your foundation and work your way quickly through blusher, highlighter and bronzer for an absolutely perfect face in a minimal amount of time.

There are also three different settings, so depending on what you’re looking for, you can spray on a full face, spot touch or contour (hello cheekbones!).

* Those with sensitive skin who are worried that the Temptu pods might clog you pores, have no fear: the products are more hygienic to use than traditional makeup due to the application with sprayable method. All Temptu Airpod formulas and products are non-comedogenic, so they won’t cause breakouts.

Trust us, the Temptu Air is a game changer.

Temptu Air is available for retail now; beginning 10/28, the device will be sold at Nordstrom at The Americana at Brand, 102 Caruso Avenue, Glendale. The device retails for $195; pods are sold separately. 

Temptu Air
Temptu Air