Dallas: Stay Haute for the Holidays at Hiatus Spa

Take time for yourself this holiday season with the Northern Exposure Retreat.
Take time for yourself this holiday season with the Northern Exposure Retreat.

Photo Credit: Hiatus Spa

It is hard to believe that it is nearly November — especially since this year summer didn’t seem to want to let go. Still, here we are and the holidays are upon us, ready or not! For most of us the rest and relaxation we indulged in during the summer was merely to preserve our energy for the hectic winter months.

As far as we’re concerned the best way to maintain sanity during the holiday rush is to take some time for ourselves to recharge. A few hours of serious personal pampering and we’re ready to dominate our schedules once again. Haitus Spa understands and their monthly retreats are nothing short of miraculous anytime of the year but especially during the holiday season. The featured retreats for this season will have you at your best all month long — and that’s necessary if you want to stay on Santa’s “Nice” List.

October: Smashing Pumpkins

Although October is nearly over you still have some time to schedule this retreat which features an enzyme body masque. A mixture of organic pumpkin, cloves, and cinnamon is activated with bubbly Kombucha and massaged into your body. The warmth of the herbs seeps into your body while you are being briskly massaged with the exfoliated blend. Afterward you’ll be served a Kombucha Smash cocktail to sip while you admire your glowing skin.

November: Northern Exposure

The November retreat is aptly named Northern Exposure. It begins with a clay masque concocted of camphor, eucalyptus, and cedar that is spread over your body. This helps to increase circulation, open up your lungs, and warm your heart. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and you’ll easily feel like you’ve been transported to the crisp, clean air of the northern mountains. Next you’ll breathe in juniper, sage, and Douglas fir as an invigorating steam covers you and fills your lungs. You’ll finish with a series of stretches under the Vichy shower to bring gently back to reality. Finally, you’ll be served a sage  and mint gimlet to sip.

December: December in Manhattan

Inspired by the classic cocktail this retreat offers relaxation and exfoliation like you’ve never experienced it before. You’ll be covered with a warm masque of black cherries, spicy nutmeg, and bourbon vanilla. A penetrating massage will relax you as the fragrant masque nurtures your skin and fills your mind with holiday cheer. You’ll be rinsed under the Vichy shower, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Once you are dressed and ready to face the world you’ll be served a classic Manhattan cocktail made with house-made bourbon and Madagascar vanilla infused cherries.