South Beach Gets a New Fish Spot with Izzy’s Fish & Oyster


Miami is getting a taste of authentic New England-style cuisine as Izzy’s Fish & Oyster has opened its doors on South Beach. This is the second venture on Miami beach for renowned chef and owner, Jamie DeRosa. Named after his daughter Isabela, the restaurant was inspired by childhood memories spent on the beaches of Amagansett indulging in the coastal water’s freshest seafood and soaking up sun rays on the white sands.

From a raw bar spanning six varieties of East Coast oysters to Maine lobster rolls, the menu will not fall short on capturing New-England’s staple foods. DeRosa and chef de cuisine, William Crandall, seek to use high-grade ingredients to emulate natural sweet, salty, grassy, and briny seasoned seafood. The palates of locals and visitors alike will be enticed as this is the first cuisine of its kind in the area.

Izzy’s Fish & Oyster’s design embodies the true spirit of New England’s beach towns with Miami sophistication. The indoor seating arrangement houses 40 seats on grey-stoned tiles with an antique tin/wood ceiling and accents of ornate metal mesh resembling lobster cages, throughout. Upon entrance, guests can feast their eyes on a mural by Miami artist, Claudio Picasso, of an octopus set against white-washed brick walls while taking in the coral, navy, and teal color scheme. On the 20-seat outdoor patio, the decor mirrors the essence of the inside, but guests can take advantage of Miami’s year-round tropical climate.

“It was important for me to create a space that gives diners a chance to casually meet and connect with one another through the verve, tradition and excitement that lives within New England and its cuisine,” said DeRosa. “With trips to this region representing a large part of my childhood’s food culture, the menu will introduce dishes and ways of cooking that are familiar to this landscape. Beyond the kitchen, everything from the design to the hospitality will be committed to transcending the guest. For some, it will be reminiscent of similar memories along the coast and, for others, a first sense of quintessential New England right here in Miami Beach.”

Located at 423 Washington Ave, Diners can call to reserve a table at 305.397.8843. The restaurant will be open seven days a week from 6 pm to 11 pm.