Q&A with Tomi Rose: Miami‘s Celebrity Real Estate Extraordinaire

From Indianapolis Colts cheerleader to world-renowned real estate star, Tomi Rose – who spearheads Miami’s Sports and Entertainment Division at Opulence International Realty – is a force to be reckoned with. The definition of “how brains and beauty meet brawn,” Tomi has worked with over 200 of the biggest A-list and celebrity clients from across the globe: like Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Mario Chalmers, Mr. and Mrs. Juwan Howard, Shabazz Napier, football player Willis McGahee, actress Vivica A. Fox, and former basketball star and television personality Shaquille O’Neal, to name a few. Making a name for herself in the Magic City, most recently, Tomi took the South Florida celebrity scene by storm by selling LeBron James’ magnificent Coral Gables home for $13.4M.

Now one of Miami’s most recognizable faces in high-end real estate, the incomparable Tomi Rose took a moment to chat with us to let us know just how she works her magic. See what she had to say, below:



Tell us about your journey from professional cheerleader to celebrity real estate. How did you come join the Opulence team?
“I was a cheerleader for the Colts for three years – GO COLTS! It was truly an amazing experience, from the bonds and friendships I forged with my fellow cheerleaders, to the doors it opened for me professionally. When I moved to Miami, I paired the affluence I saw the city attracted with the incredible network I had created through professional cheerleading. At that point, it was clear to me that I was meant to work with Miami real estate, and I knew that Opulence International Realty shared my vision. They were ready to diversify and create a division for the sort of clientele that I am fortunate enough to have built a career doing business with: professional athletes and entertainers.”

What is it about Miami that attracts your clients? Why?
“Miami is paradise. I think the better question is: How could Miami not attract my clients? Anyone who comes to this city finds something they can identify with – the culturally rich demographic, the different varieties of dining, world-renowned architecture, some of the best night clubs in the country, excellent schools, top shopping, year round sunshine, and beach weather 99% of the year – I could go on and on. Miami is also a destination for my clients because the biggest producers and directors have begun to really utilize all that Miami offers, whether it be in music or film, and it’s becoming an entertainment capital. Miami is unlike any other city in the world.”

Who has been one of your favorite clients to work with? Why?
“One of my favorite clients to work with was Mr. & Mrs. LeBron James. The family was so gracious and welcoming, and really invested their trust in me. That is something that means a lot to a professional like me. They gave me the space to succeed on their behalf.”

How are you different from other realtors?
“I love the people you meet through real estate transactions. For me personally, my clients are like family. They put their trust in me and my loyalty is unwavering. I respect my clients  and always look out for them and their family’s best interests, just like I would for my own family.”

When it comes to housing, what is it that athletes and celebrities really need?
“Every high-profile client is different, but they all share one common factor: they all want to feel like they are home when they walk through the door. No matter how many times they have to move for their demanding careers, they want to feel at peace when they walk through their front door. A sense of “home” is what they really need – it’s what we all need.”

What does the Sports & Entertainment Division do that’s different from other realty divisions? How does this department really cater to athletes and celebrities?
“I am very proud of my Sports and Entertainment Division – it has brought new life to the real estate game. We stand out from the rest because we are the real deal. We have real celebrity and professional athlete clients that we make deals happen, from beginning to end, without a hitch; and because of that, we make headlines. The system I developed for customer service for our star clients is, as humbly as I can put it, incomparable. Calling it “white glove service” doesn’t do it justice. We handle every single detail. That’s something no other brokerage firm that has mimicked, and our division brings these factors to the table.”

If there was one thing you wanted potential clients to know about you, what would it be?
“What I want people to know is the same thing I want to leave as my legacy: I will set the bar so high for what I can do for your investment that no one will be able to touch my career until I bow out of real estate. I am the real deal.”