Q&A with HYT CEO Vincent Perriard Introduces Illuminating H4 Alinghi


HYT CEO Vincent Perriard
HYT CEO Vincent Perriard

After being the first to put water in their highly complicated watches, cutting-edge Swiss watchmaker HYT is now one of the first to do a concealed LED, shedding light on their very unique faces. The new watch is in cooperation with winning sailing group, Alinghi, and features technology that converts mechanical power into light to help wearers read the time in the dark of night.


The light not only lights up the face making it easy to tell time, the light also washes over the complicated face, emphasizing every facet of the calibre, bringing the architecture to life. Haute Living caught up with the globe-trotting CEO responsible for the innovative brand, Vincent Perriardat ECJ Lux in Boca Raton as he prepared a special presentation and dinner for collectors perfectly timed with the $150,000 watch’s release.

HYT on the wrist of CEO Vincent Perriard
HYT on the wrist of CEO Vincent Perriard

HH: You’ve partnered with Alinghi for this latest watch. How did that come about?

VP: Alinghi is the two-time winner of the Americas Cup.  HYT is all about mechanics, special materials and fluids, and so is sailing.  We’re both developing special carbon-fiber system which are very light, very resistant.  They could have gone with a much older brand than ours, but they like our DNA of pure innovation. We met Ernesto Bertarelli, and everything just clicked, so we decided to do something together.


HH: Tell me about the new LED lights.

VP:  We use ultra violet light, so we are bringing an LED system at the bottom of the face. We have two LEDs, and when you push this little flash system, you create your own flash of light. It’s like what we had when we were kids like the dynamo on your bicycle, you are charging your spring and when you push the button, you are releasing the energy that you have created making a flash of light. There is no battery—it’s completely clean, pure energy that you create yourself.

HYT Skull Red Eye
HYT Skull Red Eye

Want do know how to tell time on the Skull Eye and how it works? Click here.

HH: Tell me about the Skull Eye.

VP:  It has been a home run for us. After three months, we have completely sold out and this retails at $105,000, so it’s pretty expensive. This series is only limited to ten pieces we start to sell it in December. We had to curve the capillary, this glass tube with the liquid to create this shape.

HH: These are amazing watches. They look tough, but they are so complicated. Do you have to be careful with them?

VP: No! We apply the same test as you would have for Rolex watches. We drop them from 1 meter high and all the usual things. When it comes time, however, only we can maintenance them, and they must be manually wound.

HH: You’ve had a long relationship with ECJ Lux (East Coast Jewelry). Tell me about it. 

VP: We’ve been selling with Bobby (Yampolsky) at East Coast Jewelry since we were only a six month old company. He is very high-engery and it really matches our brand.