A Futuristic Tailor For The Modern Gentleman

We all vaguely remember that 1930s gentlemen with the perfectly tailored suit. In a grand attempt to jog our memories BookATailor is bringing the craft back into fashion, in a very modern way. They allow us relive this past with “the future norm for men’s custom clothing.”

Here is how it works.


1. Schedule an appointment online to visit your local showroom
2. Once arrived at the showroom, you will be measured by our styling genius and a body profile gets created for you.
3. You then choose from hundreds of fabrics, and go through the styling options for your suits or shirts.
4. Four weeks later your product is ready for pickup at the showroom or delivered to your home.

But even this process is now old school for the innovative BookATailor service. They have now launched their Tailored Shirt App, and it’s seriously revolutionizing the game. The app will is created in collaboration with Bespokino– the first patented measuring tool set to reduce error rates to almost zero. Based on your height, weight, and chest size, Bespokino sends you an actual adjustable fit shirt as your measuring tool. You can then adjust the Bespokino model, mark your fits with color-coded buttons, and never have to pick up a measuring tape. The service is actually available for both men and women, and provides you the platform to design your own formal and casual shirts.

To top it all off is their 3D Shirt Visualizer. With this tool you can design your own custom casual and dress shirts right on your screen. Through the intuitive user interface, you can select the perfect fabric that fits your style, with the right collar style, cuff, placket, pleats and more.

We may not have the classic 1930s gentleman anymore, but BookATailor is brining us the extremely haute 2015 version, and we very much appreciate that.