HAUTE 100 Update: Jorge Pérez Named the 2015 BCA Leadership Award Honoree


Jorge Pérez, Chairman and CEO of The Related Group, has been named the honoree of the BCA leadership award. The BCA, Business Committee for the Arts, acknowledged Pérez for his commitment supporting the arts and inspiring other professionals to follow his lead.

Pérez became part of The Giving Pledge, started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, as a commitment to dedicate at least half of his wealth to philanthropic causes- and the museum was his first major step.

In 2011, the famous Miami Art Museum changed its name to the Jorge M. Pérez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM) after Pérez donated over a $40 million gift–half in cash, half in artwork. Much of the artwork found in the museum today came directly from his home in Coconut Grove.

The Related Group has evolved the Miami scene with projects worth $10 billion over the past 30 years, and strongly supports the artist by integrating their work into their projects. For Pérez, art is a form of expression and a way for people to exchange ideas and cultures. It enriches the life on everyone and that’s why his vision is to provide that experience for the people of the community.

Born in Argentina to Cuban parents, Jorge Pérez’s biggest dream in the 90’s was to be the Ambassador to Argentina. Instead, the serious film buff was given a seat on the Board of the National Endowment of the Arts, which focused on giving Americans the opportunity to exercise their imagination and creative capacities through art- which congress was constantly trying to take money away from.

As past and present events show, Pérez tailored a life timeline that has been exceptionally molded by a strong passions for his work and art. The cultural champion deeply believes that the arts should not be limited, and instead available to everyone.

Michael Spring, the Director of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Secretary of the Americans for the Arts Board of Directors feels very fortunate to have Jorge Pérez set incredibly high standards for leadership and support for the arts.