Gucci’s New Luxury Cosmetics Rule the Stage and the Street

Gucci Cosmetics

In addition to their louche looks and high heels, Gucci now has another way to make ladies sexy —high-performance make-up. The line was introduced last year by Gucci Cosmetics Artistic Director and celebrated make-up artist Pat McGrath. McGrath know’s “the Gucci look” inside out after running runway looks for the house for over a decade.

That means the whole concept of “Gucci for the face” is still pretty new, and few people have had the chance to use the products yet. The experience is one that will leave users expecting more out of their cosmetics both from a packaging and a performance standpoint.

Gucci Eye Infinite Precision Liner in MIdnight Blue
Gucci Eye Infinite Precision Liner in MIdnight Blue

The products are a union of Gucci design and craftsmanship with professional make-up artistry. The range features items meticulously engineered by experts to achieve an exquisite level of quality. This results in make-up that is rich and luxurious to use, and it stays put when it’s supposed to and comes off when it’s supposed to. McGrath says these characteristics have made the line perfect for use for more than a few pop stars, who sweat under the glare of the spotlight—their Gucci cosmetics still perfectly in place.

The complete lineup includes Gucci Eye, Gucci Face, Gucci Lip, Gucci Nail together with soft, expert brushes and special preparation products for skin. There are many technologic standouts, including the Impact Longwear Eyepencil, that retails at $32 and is available in five colors. What’s so special? It is smudgable for 60 seconds after application before it dries in place, were it will stay until removal, answering the prayers of fashion girls every where. Moreover, the product is perfect for creating the smokey eye Gucci gals are famous for, albeit one that doesn’t run down the face.

GUCCI EYE Infinite Lenght Mascara Cocoa
GUCCI EYE Infinite Length Mascara Cocoa

Another feat of make-up magic is their Infinite Length Mascara ($33), which lengthens lashes, totally avoids clumping, and stays put. You can even (gasp!) sleep in it and wake up with perfect lashes and zero smudges, reflecting the trend of starlets sleeping in their make-up to achieve that perfect lived-in look.

Aside from the products themselves, the packaging might be enough to make them covetable. Resplendent in Gucci logos, the GG pattern is debossed into packaging, products as well as into the make-up itself. The creative ways the logo is used on the products along with the original, extremely tactile packaging reflect the great attention to detail that is intrinsically linked to Gucci.

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