Find Out The Best Time to Book That Luxe Vacation

shutterstock_150634175With the holiday season quickly approaching and a number of fall/winter events in the works, it’s the perfect time to discover when you should book your hotel to get the best bang for your buck., which is one of the world’s leading accommodation sites, has recently uncovered the best time to book a hotel.

In its new study, analyzed hotel prices at 25 of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It was discovered, for a number of markets across the world, it is cheaper to book hotels in the beginning of the year. In the first two weeks of January, a large amount of hospitality brands priced their rooms (22 of the 25 analyzed) below market average. As for the most expensive times to book a hotel, September and October are high season. also investigated where travelers can find bargains during particular seasons. “Mid-March is a great time to visit Europe, as hotel rooms in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm and London are as much as 20 percent cheaper than average. July is considered high season in many destinations, but hotel rooms in Sydney and New York are actually cheaper than average then. The last week in December, also considered high season in most destinations, is also a great time to travel to Stockholm,” it stated on the site.

So the real question at hand is: how much can you save? Prices vary from month to month. For example, on average, a hotel room in Berlin may be priced 51 percent more in September compared to January. If you’ve always wanted to experience Three Kings Day in Barcelona, in January and you’ll save 49 percent off the average room price. November through February, Istanbul hotels are about 23 percent cheaper than average. In June, they’re 21 percent more expensive.

While a number of markets will reflect a generous discount in January, if you’re traveling to Asia do not expect any noticeable savings. The study discovered hotel prices in Asia’s most popular destinations remain consistent throughout the year with little discounts available. For example, in Hong Kong the most discount you’ll get is 11 percent off in May or June.

“For many travelers, price is the most important factor in deciding when and where to go. This data can help our customers get the most out of their money,” said John Brown, Chief Operating Officer of

Whether you’re heading to Miami Art Basel this winter, a number of fall festivals or plan on spending New Years Eve in New York City, be sure to check out, whose parent company is Priceline Group, the largest seller of rooms online.

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