8 Tricks for Losing Weight the Healthy Way

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When it comes to losing weight, we always want a quick fix and to shed those pesky extra pounds as quickly as we put them on. Sorry friends, but weight doesn’t work that way. If you really want to keep that muffin top at bay, you should do it the healthy way.

Cue Selvera, a weight-loss program that actually works (we know: we tried it). When you join, you are matched with a dedicated registered dietitian, who will consult with you weekly or biweekly and create a customized nutrition, activity and lifestyle plan just for you. As part of your membership, Selvera will also end you a wireless scale and pedometer that shows just how much progress you’ve made (you can’t cheat). Success will be yours!

To expedite the process for those who aren’t yet taking advantage of this brilliant weight-loss system, we asked Amanda Foti, senior dietician for Selvera, to curate some tips on how to lose weight—the healthy way.

Health expert Amanda Foti
Health expert Amanda Foti

Photo Credit: Selvera

1.     Start with setting realistic goals: This can be critical to your success and your health. Weight loss goals that have you losing more than 1-2 lbs per week is both extremely challenging and unhealthy. Chances are you won’t get very far before feeling discouraged. Working with a registered dietitian is a great way to understand what is healthy and realistic.

2.     Stay hydrated: Hydration levels have a big impact on energy levels, metabolism, food cravings and our mood. Even modest amounts of dehydration will cause our body to compensate energy, burning less calories and experience fatigue and carb cravings.  Aim for at least 48-64 oz. day.

3.     Ditch “diet foods”: Highly processed diet foods that claim to have “reduced” quantities of one or more nutrients (i.e. fat or sugar) have very little substance to them. Your body will quickly digest these foods and leave you hungry again shortly after regardless of the calories consumed. Many “reduced” products will add sugar or artificial additives to make up for the taste, two things we certainly don’t need more of when trying to lose weight.

4.     Don’t skip meals (or fall below 900-1000 calories): Although the thought process of cutting back on calories is a good one, this is not the way to do so. Skipping meals (commonly breakfast) is a sure way to throw off your metabolism decreasing the number of calories burned in a day and cause you to overeat later on- counteracting any calories you originally saved. Eating consistently, about every 3-4 hours, will allow keep your metabolism up and keep hunger levels at bay. It will make sure you are never too hungry which typically leads to us grabbing convenient processed foods or over eating. 

5.     Think protein + fiber at every meal: Your meal plan should reflect a well-balanced natural diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean proteins and healthy fats. Working with a dietitian (like at Selvera) will allow you to learn what nutrition your body needs both for weight loss and general health.

6.     Combination of activity and diet: Healthy weight loss requires you focusing on both of these aspects. There is debate on which one has more of an impact but when it comes down to it we need a combination of increased activity and a healthy diet. Start slow if you’re not used to exercising eventually getting up to 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

7.     Don’t overly restrict your diet: Eliminating foods you love or entire food groups is not a healthy nor a realistic way to lose weight. Restrictive diets usually lead to yo-yo dieting because the restrictions can only be sustained short term. Allow yourself to 1-2 treats each week to avoid feeling deprived, and keep portion sizes in check.

8.     Select foods you love! Healthy diets don’t have to be boring. Do some research and pick out some new recipes to try. If you enjoy what you’re eating you’re more likely to stick with it!