8 Future Hotels That Will Blow Your Mind

Here is a haute list of outrageously luxurious and futuristic hotels from the future as curated by CNN.

Shimao Wonderland InterContinental in Shanghai, China:


In 2017 planet earth will boast a five-star hotel that is carved into an abandoned quarry. This 328-room resort will become part of a cliff face that ends at a 90-meter-deep lagoon of crystal clear waters. The lowest levels of the new InterContinental venue will be located below water. The future my friends, is looking pretty bright.

The Royal Atlantis in Dubai, UAE:


This new $1.4 billion resort expansion will have 800 rooms and 231 residences, making it the first building in the Atlantis complex to have residences. The Royal Atlantis resort will have five-star facilities including a Sky Pool 90 meters above The Palm, private gardens, new top restaurants with menus from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, and panoramic views of the ocean and Palm Island. We couldn’t forget to mention plans for a luxuriously lavish Givenchy Spa and high-end retail boutiques. Living here will literally feel like a permanent vacation.

Lofoten Opera Hotel in Norway:


This new Lofoten located hotel is already famous for its unique architectural style. Nestled in the Lofoten Islands and formed to the land, the snake-shaped hotel sets the backdrop for a unique luxury getaway. Panoramic views of the Norweigan Island range are complimented by amenities including, but not limited to, an amphitheater and spa. Rooms and residences are due to open in 2015, however the completion date still hasn’t been revealed.

Salt & Water Floating Hotel, Undisclosed Location:


Serbian design studio Salt & Water has plans to create what might be the most exciting hotel of the future. The entirety of the hotel will be floating, and will feature private and luxurious catamaran suites. The Salt & Water design will boast a central venue that will offer a reception, restaurant, and event venue. The floating rooms will be navigable by the guests who visit them, allowing these guests to float away from the property into their own secluded escape.

Amillarah Private Islands in Dubai, UAE:


It’s about time we hear of new developments on the Dubai World Islands. Set on the Australasia portion of this manmade world, Amillarah Private Islands will be one of the most beautiful luxury getaways around. They will each hold a high-end villa with private beachfronts, modern and minimalistic designed apartments, and a variety of hospitality and retail options. This is all whilst floating atop the calm waters of the Persian Gulf.

Dawang Mountain in Changsha, China:


Water and ice come to play at this futuristic new hotel in Changsha. An indoor snow center will hover above a lake that will all be accessible from the separate 100-meter high hotel tower. The five-star establishment will hold 330 suites and be partially suspended over a quarry pit. Watch out for this one in 2016.

Keemala Resort in Phuket, Thailand:


This newly completed resort will be open for haute visitors by the end of the year. This tropical paradise is comprised of high-end huts, treehouse pools and terraced herb gardens. Keemala is a no-kids allowed wellness retreat amidst the beautiful Thai rainforest and fronting the Andaman Sea. It is the ideal escape for rest and relaxation.

Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.45.26 PM

The world is now ready for the first entirely underwater resort. This under-the-sea structure will contain 24 suites, a library, spa, bar, restaurant and event space. At Poseidon you will be totally submerged into Fijian aquatic life with panoramic views of the stunning untouched corals and fish that live among it.