5 Fall Pro Beauty Trends You Might Not Know About

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Jessica Scantlin, Director of Artistry at Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge.

As much as we enjoy bold and bright makeup colors during the summer, Haute Living is quite excited for new trends to take the lead this fall. We talked to Jessica Scantlin, Director of Artistry at Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge, to get first dibs on this season’s beauty trends. Here’s what she had to say.

HL: What are the new fall makeup trends, if any?
Scantlin: The dark lip is turning more into a black and women are actually rocking it. Keeping it more in dark hue of burgundy is a great option for those not willing to take on the full trend just yet. Also, another trend is geometric eyeliner. Adding a triangle at the end of your eye is a great option for this trend.

HL:  Best beauty products for fall?
Scantlin: The best beauty product is going to Stila Mind Palette; it has a variety of gorgeous colors for fall and is so easy to use as it is day to night.

HL: A must-have lip color is…
Scantlin: Ellis Faas L102  –  It is the most beautiful deep burgundy that you can also make more sheer. You can get a sheer and deep color with just layering it makes it great for most women.

HL: One trend that we should not repeat this season is..
Scantlin: Last year they were doing the shadow a little high for my personal taste. I would be fine if I never saw shadow going up to the brow bone. it screams 80’s to me. Let’s keep the brow bone skin clean and if you must do a highlight then do a cream highlight so it is more natural.

HL: A staple item that can turn any look from day to night?
Scantlin: Ellis Faas Cream Shadows – they come in a variety of colors and you can throw one on and be good to go. I love the black because you can get a smudged liner or a dark smokey eye in 2 minutes.

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