Why You Must-Try Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer


On a small street in Soho sits Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer, home of fall’s most in-demand burgers. Perched on Broome Street between Sullivan and Thompson, this cabin-esque eatery only occupies a sliver of space, but packs a major punch.

The 20-person dining room is always packed to the brim (plus a wait!) with people eagerly anticipating chef Joe Isidori’s latest culinary works of art. The menu has a full array of options, but don’t be overwhelmed – you cannot go wrong. From the classic and extremely popular All-American Burger (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, American Cheese & Special Sauce) to the more Soho appropriate Turkey Burger Salad, there is a dish to satisfy a full range of palettes. We visited the joint on a Saturday afternoon with friend and fellow foodie, Eden Grinshpan. We were able to grab two seats facing the window, which led to some good people watching. Out of the 16 beers on draft, we settled for a light Pale Ale to ease the New York summer heat and split The All-American Burger with Idaho fries and The Texan Burger (Aged Cheddar, Crispy Onions, Bacon, Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue & Mayo) with sweet potato fries. As foodies we knew the drill: DO NOT TOUCH the food before its beauty is documented.

Approximately two milliseconds after our photo shoot, we inhaled half of The All-American burger. It was perfectly draped in American cheese that melted effortlessly with their creamy “special sauce” on a toasted bun. Needless to say, we were in heaven and was also accumulating likes. Multitasking! We were well on our way into a deep, dark food high before we even set my eyes on The Texan Burger. Crossed with two pieces of crisp bacon, a golden fried onion ring, and a tangy bbq sauce, this was our main event. As much as we loved the All-American burger, and honestly we really had a great thing, the Texan Burger stole my heart in a single bite. It’s been a week now and we haven’t been able to get it out of our mind. How soon is too soon to go back?

Here’s a close up of the beautiful finished products, before they were devoured. 

The American
The Texan Burger

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