Reformation To Bring Its Sample Sale To SF This Week

Yael Aflalo , Fashion Designer at Reformation
Yael Aflalo , CEO and Founder of Reformation

Photo Credit: Celeste Sloman/ New York Observer

New York is all about sample sales, but it’s not a shopping experience we in San Francisco have nearly as often. That’s why we’re letting you know that Reformation, the revolutionary lifestyle brand that utilizes sustainable fabrics and practices to create cool and feminine limited-edition collections, will host a sample sale Sept 17-20th at Firehouse 8 in San Francisco. Everything will be under $100 with full ranges of sizes (XS-XL). Not only will the items be a bargain but you’ll shop knowing that you’re doing right by the environment.

Reformation is testing new retail markets as it continues to expand. San Francisco, known for being one of the most eco-friendly major cities in the world, seems like a perfect fit for Reformation. In the past, the company has held its bi-annual sales in its L.A. and New York City stores, but this year decided to make them online-only and give SF a chance.

The brand was founded by CEO and Founder Yael Aflalo in 2009 out of frustration for the harmful effect that fashion was having on the environment, and in an effort to provide beautiful, sustainable clothing manufactured locally in L.A. A California native, this innovative entrepreneur who splits her times between New York and L.A. first made her mark in the fashion world with the launch of her contemporary clothing brand, Ya-Ya.

During her time with Ya-Ya, she started to really dislike a lot of the norms of the fashion industry—overprinting lookbooks just to toss 80% of them and wasting yards of leftover fabric, just to name a few. Aflalo also spent time working first-hand with factories overseas and was appalled by the destructive impact that production abroad has on the environment. She realized then it was time to break the cycle. She set out to create a brand where “green” fashion didn’t mean compromising on style.

Reformation makes effortlessly cool silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure for the confident and the chic. The brand combines impeccable design with its own domestic fast-fashion capabilities to release on-trend, limited edition collections every week—so you can save the Earth in style.

The secret weapon is Reformation’s sourcing; it makes all of its pieces from repurposed vintage clothing, rescued deadstock fabrics and eco-friendly materials like Tencel. Clothes are made exclusively at its sunny factory in L.A., ensuring not only quality but sustainability and ethics are upheld. The retail industry is one of the worst polluters in the world, just behind oil and agriculture; Reformation was created to clean it up.

Reformation created America’s first sustainable sewing factory in Downtown L.A. The factory houses every step of the Reformation process: design, manufacture, photograph and fulfill, all under one roof. The Reformation Factory is powered exclusively by renewable energy and does its best to make sure every aspect of the workspace reflects a green lifestyle. Everything down to the coffee and cleaning supplies is organic, and Reformation also has a sustainable garden that functions on recycled greywater from the factory.

Now that you know this, you can hit the Reformation sample sale with a clear conscience.


These Gilly Jumpsuits, pictured below, is just one of the items  that will be available at the sample sale.

Reformation's Gilly Jumpsuit
Reformation’s Gilly Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: Reformation


Reformation's Gilly Jumpsuit
Reformation’s Gilly Jumpsuit