Olyve Blooms in Miami This Week

On September 22nd, the answer to every woman’s prayers is coming to Miami: Olyve, a white-glove, flower delivery service that is every bit as fancy and fabulous as a woman who gets one of its lavish blooms feels. The beauty-meets-brainchild of creative masterminds, these stylish gift-givers are fusing technology and taste to bring Miami’s finest a one-of-a-kind, interactive floral delivery service for the modern socialite in you.

Here’s how it works:


Starting Tuesday, generous lovers, friends and family can visit Olyve’s website and send loved ones full, whimsical bouquets of Pink O’Hara garden roses, Anastasia Mums, Sword Fern, Green Ball Dianthus, Flexi Grass and more – all arranged in their choice of a bright, bold and ultra-fabulous vase. Worried about the result? Don’t be. Taking online ordering to the next (perfect) level with its “360 Approach,” Olyve sends shoppers real-time photos and status updates, throughout the assembly and delivery process, to ensure that they’re as ecstatic about the flowers as the person about to receive them.

Even more special? The delivery itself. Besides being placed on a plush pillow, inside a colorful box covered in the work of commissioned artists, each delicate bouquet comes with a special video message from the gift-giver him or herself. Sent through email the moment the stylish stems are delivered, Olyve’s “Olyve You” service allows senders to upload a personal video to make the delivery the closest thing possible to actually surprising them with flowers in person.


Gentlemen, pay attention: Olyve is changing the future of flowers as we know it. So the next time you want to send your special someone a bouquet that shows them just how wonderful they are, go Olyve – it’s delivering joy, one bewitching bloom at a time, to some of South Florida’s luckiest ladies.