MIA: Inside The 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach Seedlings Launch

The recently opened 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach launched its kids’ program, Seedlings, with Rock Basecamp. It was a fun-filled, kids-only event hosted by Lucas Bacardi Shriftman and Joey Shriver in partnership with the Patricia Phillip Frost Museum of Science and Best Buddies on August 29th. 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach made a donation to Best Buddies Florida in the names of all guests who attended the event.

The event took place at the hotel’s main pool where kids enjoyed animal experiences, seed planting, rock climbing, face painting exploration of spectrum tubes (brought by Frost Science), cookie decorating, and marshmallow making. 1 hotel’s executive chef, Chef Fernando Cruz, prepared delectable light bites, such as mini chicken quesadillas, mac n cheese lollipops, and rice krispy and fruit skewers. In addition to the fresh carrot juice and snow cone, there was also a baby vegetable crudite garden, which completed the ultimate kids paradise.

Chef Fernando Cruz Photos by World Redeye
Chef Fernando Cruz. Photos by World Redeye

Seedlings offers kids a camp-like getaway during their vacation and is available for kids 4 to 12 years old. It’s a 1 of a kind experience focused on bringing kids closer to nature and a whole lot of fun. Activities include nature walks, creating bird seed feeders, seashell art, fun in the sun competitions such as tug of war, and opportunities to participate in cooking classes, planting seeds and “drive-in” movie nights in DIY nature based vehicles made of recycled boxes.

The program has full day and half day sessions and offers lunch with a great selection of gluten-free items to please all taste buds and dietary restrictions. 1 Hotel South Beach is the flagship location for the program and the only 1 Hotel with an indoor Basecamp. Seedlings is also available at the newly opened 1 Hotel Central Park.

Joey Shriver, Kane Sarhan, & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman. Photos by World Redeye
Joey Shriver, Kane Sarhan, & Lucas Bacardi Shriftman. Photos by World Redeye

Guests included hosts Lucas Bacardi Shriftman and Joey Shriver, Lara Shriftman, Best Buddies Florida founder Anthony Shriver and wife Alina Shriver, SH Group Chief Marketing Officer, Kane Sarhan, Eunice Shriver, Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy, Erika & Michel Koopman and kids Jonah and Izzy, Douglas Elliman Florida CEO, Jay Phillip Parker and wife Laura Cresto with kids Shilo and Kaden , Sarita Tabarez and daughter Luna, Terra Group founder David Martin and wife Christy Martin, Jared Shapiro and wife Erica Korman, Jennifer Altman and Adam Rubenstein with kids Sophia and Jacob, Kim Caceres and son Santino Casini, Bruno Almeida and wife Jaqueline Barrantes with son Dylan Barrantes, Jonathan Shriftman, Maddy Marr and daughter Scarlett, Fred & Monique Gonzalez with daughter Marisa, Dale Bornstein, Jennifer Vance with daughters Tyler and Lauren, Chris & Jennifer McShane with daughter Riley, Melissa Lazarus and Sara Liss.

Photos by Alejandro Chavarria, World Redeye