London: The 5 Most Romantic Spots

Maybe you’re lovers; maybe you’re friends. Perhaps you are more or less or somewhere in between. Wherever you are, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little romance into the mix. We all know London can get a little cold, so here are some classic romantic spots to heat things up.

Champagne bathtubs:


Once upon a time Johnny Depp and Kate Moss filled the bathtub of a Portobello Hotel suite with champagne and bathed themselves in it. Still not sure if anything as extravagant and sexy has happened since. In an attempt to recreate this romantic scene, you can get a suite at the charming, old English Portobello Hotel and try it out yourself. The rooms have a classic charm with large draping curtains and a ‘home away from home’ kind of vibe. It’s understated sophistication matched with it’s sexy history make it the ultimate romantic staycation for you and your lover.
22 Stanley Gardens

Green arches at Kensington Gardens:

Kensington Palace Gardens

Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the lovers’ arch in Kensington Palace Gardens is always a good call. The secretive pathway is the perfect place to escape the crowds with your loved one. The arches of beautiful greenery and benches beneath them lend to a naturally romantic environment. Bring a cheeky bottle of wine and you have the most perfectly simple date. End with a stroll through the park for a real ‘get to know each other’ experience.

Clos Maggiore:


If simplicity is simply not your thing, you might want to try Clos Maggiore. The infamous ‘most romantic restaurant in London’ has a more obvious approach to romance. The intimately small spot is most noted for it’s indoor flower arrangement that cascades from the roof to the floor. These flower-filled vines are intertwined with twinkly lights creating an over-the-top amazingly romantic ambiance. The food is as romantic as the place, taking inspiration from the stylish country inns of Provence and Tuscany. What’s more is this spot is located perfectly next to all of London’s best shows. Dinner and a show? Yes please.
Royal Opera House, 33 King St

Whisper sweet nothings:


If you’ve gone through all the traditional date options and found someone special you can do uniquely romantic things with, this is the option for you. We’re all familiar with the lovers’ term, ‘whisper sweet nothings.’ Here is where it actually takes form. The Whispering Gallery in the dome of St.Paul’s Cathedral is where romantics can go and stand on opposite sides of the room (110 feet away) and still hear each other’s words. It could be the ideal situation to let your loved one know how you feel without the nerves of their stare. Whether you’re into the whispering aspect or not, the dome and St.Paul’s itself is a stunning and impressive site to see with a loved one.
St. Paul’s Churchyard

Wine and The Thames


A river cruise as a date may sound like a cliché. In our opinion, clichés don’t feel like clichés if you’re the ones in them. Picture this. While everyone has their traditionally standard dates on land, you and your lover are floating through the London skyline drinking wine and unaffected by the noise of the city. Set sail as the sun goes down and spend two hours along the Thames River. You’ll enjoy live music and London’s light like you’ve never seen them before. Definitely worth giving a go. Book your cruise here.

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