Haute 100 SF: Mark Zuckerberg’s FB To Be More Efficient for Biz Owners


On Tuesday, Facebook announced it will now allow businesses to use its Pages profile service to promote products they sell as well as services offered.

For the first time, the social media networking site will add two new sections to Pages. Businesses will now be able to feature a list of their offerings at the top of the page as well as highlight any line of products that is offered. Pages will also feature an updated call-to-action, which will allow future customers to do things like book appointments at a spa or browse a restaurant menu.

In addition to the new capabilities, the Pages section will also feature a new redesign. The redesign will make the section more user-friendly. The call-to-action button on mobile will be bigger, brighter and directly under the Page cover photo, according to the announcement. Prospective customers will be able to find key information without having to do much scrolling and clicking, especially when they’re on their smartphones. Facebook will also add a corresponding tab to each Page, just like how videos and photos have their own tabs. The Home tab, which is the landing tab on Pages, will include highlights of each section, so relevant information is front and center when someone first clicks on a Page.

“We’re also testing several new call-to-action buttons on mobile, including ‘Call Now,’ ‘Send Message’ and ‘Contact Us,’ making it easier for people and businesses to connect directly. Over time, we’ll add additional calls to action to further help businesses drive their unique goals,” the company announced.

The new features reflects Facebook’s belief “that no matter if you’re a plumbing company, a flower shop, a non-profit or a brand, your Page should house the information people are looking for, help you communicate with your customers and support your unique goals.”

The new additions are slated to take place in the coming weeks.

Photo via Shutterstock