Black, Starr & Frost Reveals $4.5 Million Empress Necklace

The Empress
Diamonds are undeniably beautiful, small or large, round or princess cut. For those who prefer a stone that steals the spotlight, we’ve got great news for you. Black, Starr & Frost, one of the oldest operating jewelry houses in America has released a new signature collection for everyday staples. On top of that, Black, Star & Frost is debuting the new never before seen Empress necklace, which retails at a whopping $4.5 million. Shine bright like a diamond…

Black, Starr & Frost was founded back in 1810, making it America’s first jeweler. Passion, rare, perfection, and exquisite are four words that have driven the brand since day one and what has helped them create the American luxury industry. They were one of the first retailers on Fifth Avenue, a globally renowned hub for luxury brands. Apart from this, Black, Starr & Frost has sold and traded some of the largest known stones around the world to royalty and celebrities. Throughout the years, the brand has designed one-of-a-kind creations for influential families like the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Guggenheims, and the Prince of Windsor.
Although the brand has quite the impressive history, their latest collection is intended to capture the basics and essentials in life, the day-to-day jewelry. The collection is crafted from platinum, 18-karat gold and diamonds, and features bangles, stackable rings, studs, and strand necklaces. Pieces vary from 0.33 carats to 53.58 carats. “As with clothing, the key to a good jewelry wardrobe is to purchase quality pieces that will withstand the test of time,” explains Black, Starr & Frost’s chairman and CEO Alfredo Molina. Black, Starr & Frost Signature Collection is priced from $1,598- $161,150 and up.

For those of you who are not so basic, enter The Empress. It took five master craftsman over 1,500 hours to complete this extraordinary piece, which uses some of the most exquisite stones in the world—438 diamonds weighing 93.17 carats and 30 rare Burmese sapphires weighing 111.9 carats. Every diamond on the piece is either a D or E in color with VVS and VS clarity. $4.5 million could buy you you’re next best dazzling friend.
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