Avenu Lounge for a Haute Friday Night

If you can't make it to Vegas this weekend there's always Avenu in Uptown
If you can’t make it to Vegas this weekend there’s always Avenu in Uptown

Photo Credit: Avenu Lounge

If you are tired of spending too much quality time with your laptop and client list on Friday night and you are beginning to count SIRI among your closet friends then it might be time to unplug and use the American Express card for something other than business lunches at Samar. Grab your favorite LBD, or the male equivalent, and head over to Avenu Lounge for an evening of dancing and cocktails. This trendy, Uptown lounge is listed among America’s top 100 nightclubs several years in a row and brings a little bit of Vegas right here to Dallas. It remains one of the best spots in the area to see and be seen.

The Avenu brings in international DJs so there is a lot of variety to the style of music from week to week and you can check the website to see who will be there when you want to go. The music can best be described as an eclectic, progressive mix that includes top 40s, dance, and house.

Yes, the atmosphere here at Avenu Lounge is sedate, quiet, and relaxed.... until it opens.
Yes, the atmosphere here at Avenu Lounge is sedate, quiet, and relaxed…. until it opens.

Photo Credit: Avenu Lounge

The dance floor is comparatively small and the club gets crowded pretty quickly. It’s a good idea to reserve a table ahead of time and order bottle service. If you don’t you may never get through the crowd in time to get a drink at the bar. The combination of lights, confetti occasionally falling from the ceiling, and the people makes for a visual feast and an exciting evening even if your idea of excitement is sitting back and people watching.

Although there is no cover charge the line to get in, reminiscent of Studio 54 in the 1970s, is long and it is possible that you won’t get in at all. Being ushered in to the club is dependent to some extent on who you are, what you are wearing, and who you are with. Avenu isn’t the place to go comfy and casual. You’ll want full on club gear along with great hair and deep pockets. Dress to impress or you’ll find yourself heading somewhere else because the dress code is strictly enforced.

Like most Uptown clubs and restaurants, valet parking at the Avenu is the best way to go. It’s quicker, easier, and much less frustrating than trying to find a parking spot amongst the throng of people and cars.