4 Wine Apps That Make You The Sommelier

These four wine application for smart phones basically work like the Shazam app, but instead of shazaming music, you shazam your wine! For novice wine connoisseurs, these four apps can be very useful and helpful. And for the seasoned oenophiles, these apps allow you to rate wines and write reviews for other users to see. There are countless of wine apps available for download, and just like when shopping for wine, it can be a little overwhelming. So what makes a good, reliable, and functional app? The database, it must be well-stocked, if not, it really won’t serve you any good. The top two picks are Vivino and Delectable, which both happen to be San Francisco-based companies.

Vivino is the world’s largest wine application at the moment with over 11 million drinkers. Just snap a photo of any wine label and get instant access to wine reviews, ratings, and average price of that particular wine. All scanned labels are saved to users’ taste profiles that showcases each user’s wine experiences. Users can also discover new wines and buy them directly through the app. One of the coolest features is the wine list scanner, which allows users to see ratings and reviews of each wine on the list, with just a scan. Picking a wine for date night has never been easier.

Delectable is an easy-to-use app that recognizes any wine with just one photo. Like Vivino, Delectable also recognizes labels. Users can learn about the wine they are currently drinking, rate it, and can access recommendations and reviews from the community and wine experts. Explore and discover new wines by following friends and wine critics to see what they’re sipping on. The best part? Favorite wines can be delivered right to users’ doorstep. The next time you find yourself at your local wine store, use Delectable for hours of snapping and wine fun.

Plonk is a great wine app for beginners or for those who are just curious about everything wine. Plonk introduces users to all the grape varieties and wine styles for a better understanding of the flavors each one has to offer. With the Plonk app users can: learn more about grapes and wine styles, discover new grapes based on personal taste preferences, find out which grapes are present in which wine styles, learn what foods pair well with certain grapes and wine styles, rate and star favorites grapes, and share all these things with friends through social media platforms. The audio function is a great feature, which teaches users how to pronounce each grape and wine style.

The Corkz application giver users access to CellarTracker’s information on over 2,500,000 bottles of wine. If users are uncertain about which bottle to take home, they can simply type the name of the wine or scan the bar code to view over 5,000,000 notes and ratings from experts and from the huge CellarTracker community of wine drinkers. Corkz main goal is to help users develop their palate by discovering new wines to drink. With CellarTracker, users can keep track of their wine collections and share the wine they’re drinking at the moment with friends.