Thompson Hotel Plays Host to Nick D’Annunzio’s Neon Birthday Romp


Nick D'Annunzio & Tara Solomon 4_Thompson Miami

Every year, PR poster boy Nick D’Annunzio holds a creative, heat-of-the-summer birthday party. This year was no different as he hosted a fun “Neon or Nothing” themed fete to ring in his next year with his lady love, Tara Solomon.

Nick D'Annunzio & Carlos Miranda
Nick D’Annunzio & Carlos Miranda

For the party, The Thompson’s pool area was transformed into a luminous neon oasis with bright pink, blue and green lights and splashy VIP cabanas. The the pool glowed with dynamic neon colors and disco balls, and neon bikinis and swim trunks hung from clotheslines for full effect. As it sometimes does in August, there was a momentary downpour that didn’t wind up dampening the party one bit.

Nick D'Annunzio & Danny Jelaca
Nick D’Annunzio & Danny Jelaca

When the rain subsided, guests chose swimwear from the clothesline and jumped into the pool, lounging on the colorful, oversized rafts. Party-goers included Dana and Gary Shear, Miami artist Carlos Betancourt, Alberto Latorre, PAMM Director Leann Standish, salon owner Danny Jelaca, Seaspice owners Maryam and Carlos Miranda, Flip Flacca and Max Sauer.

Paola Valiente, Nick D'Annunzion, & Jeile Marie
Paola Valiente, Nick D’Annunzion, & Jeile Marie

Contrary to what you might think, birthday boy D’Annunzio says he loves having an August birthday in Miami. “To me, the best time of the year in Miami is summer,” he explains. “Each year I try to plan a fun party with a great theme. It’s like a bright spot in the deepest lull of summer when there is nothing to do. It’s a great way to see all my friends and have a pretty local get-together. I’ve done a rodeo, gold and bubbles, a luau and 80s theme. This year, I wanted to have a night time swim party so “Neon or Nothing” was perfect. Really, it’s just a good way to have some drinks on me and dance. Music is a really big part of me.”

Carlos Betancourt, Dana Shear, & Alberto Latorre
Carlos Betancourt, Dana Shear, & Alberto Latorre

This year the music was provided by DJ Leo Medina, who set the vibe until midnight when the celebration continued in the hotel’s 1930s House, bungalow bar from midnight to 2 a.m. with sounds by PAPERWATER. Drinks were Dobel Tequila so you know everyone had a good time and did lots of dancing.

Bruce & Kathryn Orosz
Bruce & Kathryn Orosz

All photos by World Red Eye