Why The Wine n’ Dine App Is A Foodie Dream Come True

Step aside selfies, food porn pictures are taking over. You know, pictures of food that just look too good to be true. The fascination of food photography has reached new heights thanks to the Wine n’ Dine application. Even celebrities such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Lo Bosworth, Joe Jonas, and the Kardashians have downloaded the application to share what they’re munching and sipping on. Now you can get the lowdown on what celebrities and super models really eat.
WinenDineWith the food centric mobile application, Wine n’ Dine, users can uncover some of the best dining venues, food, and drinks around their area. Users are guided by their social network buddies who will share tips, recommendations, and comments about the dishes and wines they have tasted. What are the steps? First, download the application. Second, discover new dishes and restaurants through menus and tips. Third, post away! Post pictures of that mouthwatering dish of yours and that red, red wine you love so much. Food pictures only. Fourth and final step, interact. Get feedback and communicate with friends and new Wine n’ Dine pals.
img_section_3_bgIt’s a hybrid, Instagram and Yelp all in one. Users can search for restaurants, people, and dishes. Users can also save dishes and restaurants under their “Wanna Try” list. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the name of that restaurant you wanted to try so bad ever again. Under the “Trending” tab, users can check out what dishes, restaurants, and wanna try posts are trending in their area. Let’s practice a little: For example, let’s say that Gigi Hadid shares a picture of an insanely good looking flatbread. User can see where she got it, Cleo Hollywood, LA, the dish name, hummus, yogurt, and naan flatbread, and how many stars she rated it, a full five stars not too shabby. For the next LA Trip, you know to visit Cleo. Informative, simple, and pretty entertaining.
Gigi Wine n' DineFor the curious ones out there, here are some celebrities to follow. Happy eating and posting!
And those with the not so obvious usernames:
Lord: Scott Disick
Chef BoyarGi: Gigi Hadid
Looka The Flicka Da: Bella Hadid
AdamJoesph: Joe Jonas