SF: Take A Look Inside Farah Makras’ Haute Closet


Whether you are into clothes or not, you can’t deny a fabulous walk-in closet is every girl’s dream. This is why I decided there is really no better place to spend Sunday afternoon than inside one of the best on the planet.

When I was buzzed into the Marina Boulevard mansion with the amazing view, I knew I was in for a haute treat. My host today was not just a friend of mine, but also a very charismatic and stylish mother of four. Sophisticated and hilariously funny, Farah Makras is a well-known personality around San Francisco for her work with charity events, and great city projects. She also has one of the most amazing closets I have ever seen.

IMG_7842After the super-friendly greetings and glass or two of chilled Cristal, (Farah’s favorite) I found myself inside the ultimate closet a set-up: it’s a huge walk-through closet that connects Farah’s bedroom and the bathroom.

As we were playing dress-up I collected some of my favorite moments: