Q&A With Swedish Skincare Sensei, Maria Åkerberg

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When it comes to beauty and wellness, there’s no one that knows more than Swedish skincare guru, Maria Åkerberg. In 1995, she founded Dermanord: the parent company that oversees the production of her high-end, organic skincare and makeup line, MARIA ÅKERBERG DEEPSKIN ORGANICS. What started out as an intimate line with only seven products soon exploded into a household name, and Maria has since earned a reputation as the one of the most influential beauty and wellness specialists in Sweden, today. Now, her line includes more than 400 items sold by over 1,000 resellers throughout Sweden — and thanks to PURE Spa, at Fort Lauderdale’s Pelican Grand Beach Resort, her entire collection can be found here in the United States.

So when Maria Åkerberg visited the spa earlier this month, we took a moment to meet with the genius and find out just what beauty secrets she had to share. See what she had to say, below:

What inspired you to start your skincare line? I started as a building engineer, but the economic crisis hit, and I lost my job. My dream was always to be a beautician — I wanted to open a skincare salon, but I didn’t like the products out there. I knew I wanted organic products because I believe they have extra added value, and they show results. So I just decided to create my own.”

Are there any secret ingredients that make your products so powerful? I always focus on the effect first, and work backwards to create the product. I love using red clover because of its lifting effect and the fact that everyone, even those with sensitive skin, can use it.”

What’s your favorite product from your line? Our eye cream! It’s made with extracts and elements from a Persian silk tree — the raw material is powerful and makes us look younger by lifting the skin around our eyes.”

What is your top tip for skin care? Facial peeling — everyone needs it, but no one does it!”

In your professional opinion, what are the biggest mistakes people make with their skincare regimens today? A lot people don’t use facial cleansers or eye care products, or they use the same creams for both their eyes and their face. Everyone overuses soap; you should only use scrubs on your arms and legs, not soap. Salt scrubs are better than sugar scrubs because of their antibacterial properties. I’ve created a body scrub made with apricot kernel and grapefruit oil that does wonders for the skin.”

Why is using the right skincare so important? If you don’t invest in the right, high-quality products now, you’ll end up spending more money to correct your skin later. My line promises immediate results — once you start seeing them, you won’t want to stop!”

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PURE Spa is located inside the Pelican Grand Beach Resort, at 2000 North Ocean Boulevard.